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Tomb Raider Guide: Treasure Map Location Guide

Tomb Raider Guide
Finding the treasure maps in Tomb Raider will give you a map of all the collectibles on said map. Any completionist will want to grab all these, and as a bonus each one grants bonus exp for skills. This guide will help you find all the treasure maps with no trouble at all. So let’s get started.

Treasure Map Guide

Treasure Map: Coastal Forest

thumbs_coastal-forest-treasure-map thumbs_coastal-forest-treasure-map-location


This is the first treasure map in the game and it is right after you meet up with your crew, and you regain control of Lara. Follow the path until you reach a bridge, look right and up into the trees and you will see a rope and a stand connected to that rope. Head up to the broken bridge near the tree stand and climb up the hill behind it to jump onto one of the posts sticking out of the bridge. Jump onto the pillar, and follow it across to jump to the tree stand and collect your first map.

Treasure Map: Mountain Village


thumbs_mountain-village-tomb-2 thumbs_mountain-village-treasure-map-location

After you get captured then escape, you will come to a point where you take out two guards with your bow and another one comes down a rope ladder. While he is coming down shoot him to kill him, then climb up the ladder. At the top you can see a water fall to the left, jump in the pool below and go through the cave behind the waterfall for the map.

Treasure Map: Shantytown
There are actually two treasure maps for Shantytown and both are located in the tombs in the area, here is a link to our Tomb Guide

Treasure Map: Summit Forest
This treasure map is found in the tomb in the area, Link is here Tomb Guide

Treasure Map: Base Exterior


thumbs_base-exterior-treasure-map thumbs_base-exterior-treasure-map-location

If you warp to the camp fire here you can take a rope down to a building below, do so and go left when you drop off. Check the table next to the flaming barrel for the treasure map.

Treasure Map: Catacombs

thumbs_catacombs-treasure-map thumbs_catacombs-treasure-map-location


Go to the camp site in the catacombs and head towards the first gas cloud. Go around the cloud to the left and jump up the wooden wall on the right, climb up to the top and check the table for the map.

Treasure Map: Research Base


This can be done right after the elevator puzzle. Enter the under ground passage and go right and head down that tunnel until you see a bunch of crates on your left. In the left corner you can jump up and over the boxes and drop down right at the treasure map.

Treasure Map: Chasm Shrine

thumbs_chasm-shrine-treasure-map thumbs_chasm-shrine-treasure-map-location


The last treasure map of the game is located right by the camp fire in the Chasm Shrine. Warp to that point and head into the room with the giant hanging cage, take a left and use the ramp to jump to the next level up. Travel along that path until you hit a gap, jump the gap and grab the treasure map on the table.

That will end the Tomb Radier treasure map guide, now you can find all the collectibles much easier.

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