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Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD Combo Lines Guide


The COMBO lines are one of the new “projectives” in Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD and are only unlocked after completing all of objectives in normal mode. This guide goes over all of the COMBO lines in the game. Remember you have to collect all of the letters in one trick combo so make sure to max out manual and grind balance. Speed and Air are also good to level up before taking on these lines as well. The video below has all of the 7 levels and their suggested combo lines.

Warehouse COMBO Line

tony-hawk-pro-skater-hd-warehouse-combo-300x168The Warehouse is the first level and is by far the easiest combo line. As long as you keep moving quickly there is only a few grinds and manuals that need to be done. Head down the drop point and grind on the rail to grab the C. Jump off of the rail and manual. You can pick the O up while manualing on the ground so you don’t need to jump. The M is on the back ramp and is easy to jump on to. Make sure to start a grind on that back ramp and it will take you directly to the B. Jump from the rail where the B is and manual in the center of the half pipe. The last O will be in the middle.

School II COMBO Line

tony-hawk-pro-skater-hd-level-select-screen-300x168School II’s combo line is a little bit more difficult than the Warehouse but once you get on the line it is pretty simple. Immediately after starting head to the right like you are going to wall grind the first first bell. From the bell you can wall grind up to the top ledge. From the top ledge you will have to jump through the glass on this ledge to get the C. After you jump you will have to manual on a rooftop. Manual until a slight incline and use the O to line up a grind. Fall of the grind wire and manual on the rooftop. Jump across the Crazy Roof Gap to pick up the M. There will be what looks like an air conditioning duct on the next roof that you can grind on to pick up the B. Finally manual on the ground and jump up to pick up the last O and celebrate! You just picked up the School II combo line.

Hangar COMBO Line

tony-hawk-pro-skater-HD-hanger-combo-300x168The Hangar combo is probably the hardest out of all of them. The important thing is to keep your speed up. My first instinct was to grab the C with a grind. If you jump over the gap to grab the C you can pick up a lot more speed. Manual and jump up one level and grind to pick up the O. The M is the tricky part. Make sure to grind the helicopter when you grab the M or else you won’t be able to finish the combo. Go straight into a manual but do not head directly to the B. Angle a little bit so that you have enough speed to to grind. After you pick up the B jump to the left and manual outside. There will be some construction barriers that will help give speed. Grind and then manual towards the ramp to pick up the final O.

Mall COMBO Line

wmplayer-2012-07-29-03-25-41-84-300x168The Mall combo line should be pretty familiar for anyone trying to rack up a high score. After making your way down the staircase the C will be on a rail. Grind the rail and jump off to manual to the O. After grabbing the O head over to the M. The best way to grab the M is a wall grind. The wall grind slows you down enough to keep your combo going but keeps enough speed to keep going. After grabbing the M Manual over to the double railing to grab the B. From the rail you can either jump directly over the marble ledge or manual and then jump on the ledge to continue your combo with a grind. Jump off the marble ledge to collect the last O and do a little dance. You earned it!

Venice Beach COMBO Line

tony-hawk-pro-skater-HD-venice-beach-combo-300x168The Venice Beach combo line is a fun one. Head to the right as soon as you start and grind on the green rail in front of you. This will get you onto the rooftop where you will see the C floating above a grind wire. Jump off the grind wire and manual on the rooftop. You can either grind on the side of the building or I liked just manualing over the rooftop and picking up the O. Head over to the air ducts and grind to pick up to the M in front of you. Jump off, manual, and head over to the ram. Grind the ramp to pick up the B and then jump off to grab the last O. Do a little dance because the Venice Beach combo is yours!

Downhill Jam COMBO Line

tony-hawk-pro-skater-HD-Downhill-Jam-combo-300x168The Downhill Jam combo line is another one that a ton of players probably already use to get high scores. Head down the hill and zig zag around a couple of little ramps. There will be a set of two green pipes that you can grind to head down to a little cave. Grind on the left pipe because it will set you up for both of the C and the O. It was easier for me to get the combo if I slowed down a little bit before jumping up to grind. Jump off of the pipe to grab the O and manual to keep the combo going. Take a hard right after grabbing the O so you can pick up the M. Jump off the ramp and grind on the new set of green rise pipes. From the Pipes you can jump up and grab the B. Fall into the halfpipe and manual. Jump up on the left side of the big half pipe and grind the railing. From there the O will be directly in front of you. Grab the O and make sure to be careful! You will probably get a big drop warning. After you land the combo you can do a little dance because you have picked up the Downhill Jam combo line.

Marseille COMBO Line

tony-hawk-pro-skater-HD-Marseille-300x168The Marseille line is not very difficult, however it is very long. So make sure to build up some speed before going into the combo. Make your way to the back of the map but stay clear of the pools. The C will be on a green rail behind one of the pools. Jump off that rail and manual over to the other green grind rail behind another pool to pick up the O. Jump off the O rail and manual. Keep to the left and you will see the M floating above another grind rail. Grind that rail and head towards the floating B in the background. Manual after jumping off the rail and jump from the a ledge to the green grind rail that the B is on. After collecting the B Jump off the grind rail and manual. Hopefully you have enough speed to get you over the little hump in the way. Jump over to the O or grind the table finish of the combo. Do a little dance because you have completed all of the combo lines in Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD!

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