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Top 10 Quarterbacks In Madden 25

Top 10 Quarterbacks

Another year, another Madden and of course new stats for your favorite players. Here is a list of the top 10 quarterbacks in Madden 25 with their overall ratings and top three stats. Check it out!


QB 1 Aaron Rodgers – Overall 98 – Top 3 – Throw Accuracy 90, Throw Power 95, Short Throw Accuracy 95
Rodgers plays for Green Bay and is both a good deep thrower and a great short thrower. He has good stamina and if you need you can run with him without too much worry that he will get injured. He has a solid receiving core around him and a reliable tight end as well. For those of you that play fantasy draft his age isn’t that high either so he is a great QB pick.

QB 2 Tom Brady – Overall 97 – Top 3 – Throw Power 95, Play Action 95, Awareness 99
Brady plays for the New England Patriots and is honestly the key player on the offensive side of that team. He can throw anywhere and can throw very accurately every time. He is good with play actions so you can fake out the defense easier with him. His reviving core is a bit weak but he has a great tight end and he makes up for the rest of the weak players. For Fantasy guys age should be an issue if you play to get your game going for many years.

QB 3 Peyton Manning – Overall 97 – Top 3 – Awareness 99, Play Action 97, Throw Accuracy 95
Manning plays for the Broncos and is the leader of that team on the field. Like Brady he can fake out the defense well with play action, or he can tear up the field with short passes with high accuracy. His receiving core is much better now that Welker is on the team and the duo could be very dangerous. Fantasy wise Manning is a bit older and injury could be a concern, still he is a great pick.


QB 4 Drew Brees – Overall 96 – Top 3 – Awareness 97, Throw Accuracy 96, Short Throw Accuracy 97
Brees plays for the New Orleans Saints and will easily be able to carry the teams offense to victory. He has two key weapons he can use in both his tight end and his number one receiver making him a dangerous player. He excels at the short throw, so you can avoid risk and eat up clock time with well time accurate throws for 10-15 yards easily. Fantasy wise he is a bit older but not as old as Manning or Brady so he is a good pick.

QB 5 Matt Ryan – Overall 94 – Top 3 – Play Action 96, Throw Accuracy 92, Short Pass Accuracy 92
Matty Ice plays for the Atlanta Falcons and the team has pretty much been molded around him for the last couple of years. He has an amazing receiving core and a pretty solid running back. He is good at the play action and short throws, but falls off when it comes to deep bombs. He’s been in the NFL for a few years now but not nearly as many as the other guys so he is a good pick for fantasy.

QB 6 Joe Flacco – Overall 93 – Top 3 – Throw Power 98, Awareness 89, Short Throw Power 89
Flacco plays for the Baltimore Ravens and was a key player in winning the Super Bowl last year. He has the highest throw power of all the QBs but it makes him weaker in every other area. His receiving core is nothing fantastic but they are tall players making it easier for the to catch the long ball in traffic. Like Matt Ryan, Flacco is very young still and is a great fantasy pick.

QB 7 Ben Roethlisberger – Overall 92 – Top 3 – Throw on the run 94, Throw Power 94, Awareness 91
Big Ben plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers and like Brady is the key weapon on offense. His receiving core is weak and his tight end isn’t much better. Honestly the offensive weapons on the Steelers side are a bit weak. Still he can throw the ball down the field no problem if you can find an open player. Age wise his ia bit older and injuries have been a problem with him before, be careful if you pick him up for fantasy.


QB 8 Eli Manning – Overall 91 – Top 3 Awareness 92, Throw Power 90, Play Action 92
The other Manning plays for the New York Giants and has brought them to a Super Bowl before. His receiving core is actually solid and he has two good young players who can make good catches. The run game on the Giants isn’t that great so expect to rely on Manning if you pick them. Fantasy wise Manning has a bit of age on him but he is young compared to his brother and Brady.

QB 9 Russell Wilson – Overall 89 – Top 3 – Ball Carrier Vision 90, Throw Power 93, Agility 90
Russel Wilson plays for the Seattle Seahawks and has only been playing a year. He does have a couple of good receivers to back him up but the biggest that on this team is the one two punch with his running back. Marshawn Lynch mixed with the run threat from Russel Wilson makes this team very run heavy. Of course even if you want to pass the option to run with Wilson will always be open. Fantasy wise he only has one year of experience so you can bring him to 99 overall after a few years.

QB 10 Robert Griffin III – Overall 89 – Top 3 – Throw Power 95, Agility 95, Ball Carrier Vision 95
Griffin plays for the Washington Redskins and was the first round pick for them in the 2012 draft. As you can tell from his stats he is a double threat QB who can drop a long pass or speed past the D line in a flash. His receiving core isn’t that great, but Griffin makes up the difference with his high stats in all the right places. Fantasy wise he is still very young and you can mold him to anything you want, high recommended QB pick for those of you planning to play multiple seasons.

So there you have it the Top 10 Quarterbacks In Madden 25. Who do you think is the best QB in Madden 25?

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