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Total War: Rome 2 Guide: Carthage Faction Traits

Rome Total War 2 Guide

The Carthage faction is the only faction to be very spread out at the start. This makes their early game very important because you cannot defend every spot with limited armies. Check out the faction traits to figure out which dynasty can give you the edge!


All Carthage Dynasty’s get Phoenician Trade Heritage which gives +10% wealth from all commerce buildings and Mercenary Armies which gives -40% to mercenary upkeep. Mercenaries cost a ton to upkeep in this game but with the Carthage trait you can afford to keep them in your armies.

Total War Rome 2 Carthage Faction Traits – Hannonid Dynasty

Founded by Hanno the Great, The Hannonid, or Hannonian, dynasty ruled Carthage for 50 years during the 3rd century BC.

Military Underdogs: +10% non-mercenary recruitment costs

Statesmen: Minor Diplomatic bonus with all factions (cultural affinity)

Pioneers: +10% movement range for all armies and fleets

Carthage Fleet

Total War Rome 2 Carthage Faction Traits – Magonid Dynasty

The Magonid are an old and prominent Carthaginian family. Members of the Magonid family were responsible for Carthage’s expansion into Lybia, Sardinia, and Sicily

Iron Fist: -20% resistance to foreign expansion

Corruption: -6% to tax rate

Military Reforms: -5% to upkeep for all non-mercenary units


Total War Rome 2 Carthage Faction Traits – Barcid Dynasty

This notable family in Carthage is named after Barca or Barcas, meaning “lightning bolt”. The Family strongly opposed the threat from Roman expansionism.

Popular Support: Public order bonus (maximum of +4) from presence of Punic Culture

Punic Faith: Moderate diplomacy penalty with all factions (cultural aversion)

Agricultural Reforms: +5% wealth from agricultural buildings

Each have positives and negatives but you can only pick one and the game can take a very long time so pick carefully!

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