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Total War Rome 2: Roman Faction Trait Guide

Rome 2 Guide

Unlike previous Total War games you now get to pick a family within a faction. For Rome you can choose the House of Cornelia, the House of Julia and the House of Junia. Check this Roman faction trait guide out to find out which House gets what traits!


Rome Total War 2 Roman Trait Guide – House Of Cornelia Traits

All of the Roman families get the traits Bread and Circuses which gives +1 Food for all provinces and Roman Legions which gives +1 experience for any Roman Infantry recruited. The Cornelii clan is among the most illustrious of Roman families: more become consuls, generals and statesman than any other family. Among the, the Scipios and the Sullas as especially notable. Sulla Felix, the famous dictator, was a member of this family.

Administrator: +3% to tax rate

Disdain for Plebs: Public order penalty(minimum of -4) from Latin culture

Philhellenses: Moderate Diplomatic bonus to all Hellenic Factions(Cultural Affinity)

Rome Total War 2 Roman Trait Guide – House Of Julia Traits
Orginally from Alba Longa, the Julii clan are an ancient patrician family, with a tradition of attaining high office dating back centuries. The most famous of the clan was Gaius Julius Caesar, who became life-long dictator.

Cultural Oppressors: +25% Public order penalties due to presence of Foreign culture

Romanisation: +4 Cultural conversion

Barbarian Subdoer: +10% Morale when fighting the Barbarian Tribes.

Great Balls of fire!
Rome Total War 2 Roman Trait Guide – House Of Junia Traits
Perhaps blessed by the goddess Juno, for whom the month of June is named, the Junii are on of the most respectable families in Rome. This reputation rests on the labours of Lucius Junius Brutus who drove out the last Roman king, Taquinius Superbus.

Founding Fathers: Public order bonus(max of +4) from presence of Latin culture

Political Underdogs: Moderate diplomatic penalty with all factions (Cultural Aversion)

Agrarian Wisdom: +10% wealth from agricultural buildings

That will end the Rome Total War 2 Roman Trait Guide, check back soon for more Total War Rome 2 guides!

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