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Total War Warhammer II Grom’s Cauldron Guide

Total War Warhammer II Grom's Cauldron Guide
Grom’s Cauldron is a new cooking mechanic introduced with the new Total War DLC. This Total War Warhammer II Grom’s Cauldron Guide is a basic introduction to Grom’s new cooking feature, explaining how the recipes and ingredients work so you can whip up your own feast.

There are many advanced features to Grom’s Cauldron as you progress through the game. There are various cooking recipes you can unlock, even some secret ones that require certain quests and objectives to unlock. It’s quite a deep mechanic but it’s hugely rewarding, with the latter game recipes offering some incredible buffs fro Grom and his allies.

Total War Warhammer II Grom’s Cauldron Guide

The yellow area represents you progress towards completing Grom’s campaign objective. It’s all the ingredients you’ve gathered and the recipes you have discovered. Highlighting Grim’s portrait icon here shows the overall buffs he has received for unlocking and cooking up more recipes.

The blue area represents the different types of ingredients. Recipes, at least the normal recipes at the start, require two ingredients. It’s not on an ingredient basis, more a category basis. For example, a recipe will require one ingredient from the yellow and green categories, not specific ingredients from within those categories. Each recipe gives a certain number of buffs, that is fixed, but the additional buffs from the ingredients can be changed based on the ones you use.

The red area is the ingredients you have unlocked. You can check out our full ingredients guide for more information.

The purple area is the Scrap cost, a special currency introduces for Green Skins in the update. Each time you cook, it costs Scrap.

The white area is where you place your ingredients. Two slots are available at the start. You can unlock more later by interacting with a special NPC that appears during Grom’s campaign. Avoiding spoilers as this is a basic introduction but the game alerts you when the special merchant has arrived.

Click the icon in the green area to open the recipe book. This shows all of the recipes you have unlocked so far.

That’s it for the basics. There’s a lot involved and we’ll have a more advanced guide available later but for now, experiment with the ingredients and see what crazy feasts you can create.

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