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Transformers Rise Of The Dark Spark Guide: How To Upgrade Weapons

Transformers Rise Of The Dark Spark Guide: How To Upgrade Weapons

Each weapon in Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark has multiple upgrades that you can unlock. Any and all weapon upgrades you get in campaign will transfer over to the multiplayer escalation mode. This guide will teach you how to upgrade you weapons so you can have an edge during escalation.

Weapon Upgrades

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When you access a terminal you can switch your weapons, hacks and the consumables you bring with you. When you are selecting a weapon you can see that button to upgrade and it will very likely be grayed out. In order to upgrade the weapon you need to get a gear box that has the weapon upgrade inside of it. The upgrades are weapon specific so if you get an assault rifle upgrade it HAS to do to the weapon. The gear boxes have random contents inside so there’s no guarantee you will get a weapon upgrade at first.

Transformers Weapon Upgrades

When you finally get an upgrade point you can pick which upgrade you want to get. Each one has a different description to be sure to read before you pick because you cannot refund the points. Some of the weapons have certain upgrades unlocked until you have the other three upgrades. Once you get enough upgrade points just get all three and then get the fourth. Don’t worry to much if you aren’t getting the upgrades early in the game because it took me a few chapters in the campaign to get my first one. That said once I beat the campaign I had almost all of them done so they are easy to come by once you start getting them.

Any certain upgrades you like to use? Leave a comment below and let us know what your favorite weapon and upgrade combo is!

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