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Transformers Rise Of The Dark Spark: How To Unlock Gear Boxes

Transformers Rise Of The Dark Spark: How To Unlock Gear Boxes

Gear Boxes in Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark have literally all of your unlockables hidden inside. You can unlock the boxes in multiple ways and each box has random items inside. Check out this guide to find the quickest and easiest way to unlock tons of boxes quickly.

Gear Box Unlocks

First off there are five different types of gear boxes and all of them give the same things. Inside the boxes you get all your Transformers, weapons, upgrades, hacks and abilities. Any duplicate items you get will turn into abilities that you can use once per battle.

To unlock boxes you will need to level up and complete challenges. Each level has challenges and completing those will unlock a box. The easiest way to unlock the boxes is by killing X amount of enemies with a certain gun or ability. If you find a spot where enemies keep spawning and you can refill your ammo easily sit there and farm levels and kills to get boxes quickly.

Transformers Quick Gear Boxes

Quick Gear Box Unlocks

During Chapter 6 you will have an objective to meet up with some of your allies while the Autobots attack. You come from behind so they won’t even notice you and you can kill them all easily. If you sit there for a few seconds you will realize that they keep spawning. I used the battle sentry ability Swindle gets and let my bot kill as many as it could while I hid in a room behind the bots. After my sentry went on cool down I came out and killed them with my assault rifle until it recharged then repeated. 25 kills with your sentry gets you a gold box and I was easily getting 5 each time I deployed it. This also levels you and killing Autobots is a challenge. I sat there a few hours and racked up around 30 boxes and literally unlocked almost every Transformer in one swoop.

You know any good ways to farm gear boxes? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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