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Transformers Rise Of The Dark Spark Weapon List

Transformers Rise Of The Dark Spark Weapon List

In Transformers Rise Of The Dark Spark you will get to choose which weapons you bring into escalation mode with you. There are both heavy and primary weapons that you will have to choose and this list covers them all. Get all the details you need for all the weapons here!

Weapons are unlocked with gear boxes which you can get by doing challenges and leveling up. For the most part they are in order bu sometimes you will get duplicates. I had most of mine unlocked by the end of the campaign.

Primary Weapons

Neutron Assault Rifle – The basic assault rifle you start off with that can be upgraded four times. Solid accuracy and range.

Subsonic Repeater – An SMG that you can find very early in the campaign or unlock in a gear box. Fires really quickly but only good at close range.

Nucleon Charge Rifle – The sniper rifle of the Transformers game. Doesn’t hold much ammo but a head shot is one shot on kill on most enemies.

E.D.K. TechVolt – This gun literally shoots chain lightning. The range isn’t great but it can chain to multiple enemies and does good damage.

Photon Burst Rifle – A three round burst assault rifle. The gun has a scope so it can be used at range and up close.

Scatter Blaster – Basically a shotgun. Close range this thing will clear out enemies in one shot but at medium range or above it is useless.

Riot Cannon – A mini rocket launcher that does great damage and has fantastic range. Doesn’t hold much ammo so shots need to be accurate.

Throwback Blaster – A laser pistol that is basically for old school Transformer people. It has no upgrades and shoots a pink laser.

Transformers Weapon List

Heavy Weapons

Thermo Rocket Cannon – A lock on rocker launcher that can kill minor enemies in a shot. Has to reload after each shot but the damage it does it great.

X18 Scrapmaker – Basically a mini gun. Has to windup in order to fire but you never have to reload.

Chaos-Rift Combustor – This is pretty much a grenade launcher but you can split the grenade mid air and turn it into a scatter bomb.

Corrosive Slime Cannon – A canon that shoots acid. If you hit an enemy they will take damage over time and be slowed. The blast radius is pretty good but the range is hard to get used too.

V32.CYBR Corrupt@r – The mind control gun. Shoot a minor enemy and they will join your side.

A-4 Pulsar Cannon – Another grenade launcher but it has a bigger explosion radius and you can’t split the grenade. I prefer the other one personally.

Energon Harvester – A huge shotgun that fires two shots at once. Close range this can end almost any enemy but at range it is mostly useless.

Gear Shredder – Shoots blades out that can bounce around and goes through enemies. Decent range and damage.

Sling Shock – Fires an electric bolas that can snare enemies and hit multiple targets. Good range and damage.

You can of course also melee if you run out of ammo. Which combo do you prefer to use in Transformers?

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