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Trials Of Mana Light Over The Lake Guide

Trials Of Mana Light Over The Lake Guide
A strange man claims he saw a light floating over the lake. This Trials Of Mana Light Over The Lake Guide answers the simple question on whether or not it’s worth waiting for the day and night cycle to pass to see if there’s anything occurring at the lake in Astoria.

After your characters introductory sequence, you will join paths with the main part of the game. At this point you’re tasked with visiting Cascade Cavern but on the way, if you explore off the beaten path, you may find a young man in a bit of distress.

Trials Of Mana Light Over The Lake Guide

You can find the purple headed fellow both out in the wild and at the Lakeside Town Astoria. When you bump into him he says “No one believes me, but I saw it! A strange light was floating over the lake! Maybe it’ll appear tonight, too!”. He says the same thing regardless of the location of where you meet. This leads one to believe that waiting around Astoria at night may see a strange light or event happening at the lake.

Unfortunately, in our experience, nothing happens at the lake. We waited at the location with the man for an entire day and night cycle, switching from day to night and back again. Running around Astoria looking for a strange light in the sky. Unfortunately, no light came. If you progress just a short distance into the story, heading to the Cascade Caverns, you find it is blocked by a barrier. Shortly after your character will encounter a light in Astoria, that’s likely what the man was talking about.

Save yourself waiting for the long day and night cycle to pass and move on with your next story objective, there’s nothing to see at the lights over the lake.

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