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Tropical Photo Rally Locations For Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

Tropical Photo Rally, or Substory 32, is a Substory in Infinite Wealth that offers fantastic rewards. This guide on Tropical Photo Rally Locations For Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth lists all of the locations in all areas where you need to locate and take a picture of a unique part of the scenery.

Little Japan, Waikiki, Downtown & Chinatown & District Five, and the Cultural District & Harbor Park, all offer incredibly strong weapons as completion rewards. As such, while it may be a little time consuming, completing this Substory as soon as it’s available offers a huge boost in damage for certain characters and jobs.

Hawaii Tropical Photo Rally Locations

Little Japan
Anaconda Shopping Center
Downtown/Chinatown/District Five
Cultural District & Harbor Park

Yokohama Tropical Photo Rally Locations

The Bar District is the first section of the Yokohama Photo Rally challenges. This one is shorter, with only 10 objective locations instead of the typical 15. You can unlock the Bar District Photo Rally challenges by reaching Chapter 8 in the story and completing the first couple of story missions. You are rewarded with a Boom Bag weapon for completing these challenges.

Bar District

Completing all of the Tropical Photo Rally challenges is a great way to unlock powerful weapons early in the story. With all of these marked off and complete, you should have everything you need.

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