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Where To Turn In Animal Figurines In Horizon Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds

Where To Turn In Animal Figurines In Horizon Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds
Wondering what to do with Animal Figurines? This guide will tell you Where To Turn In Animal Figurines In Horizon Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds so you can trade in the Animal Figurines you find and reap the rather rare and valuable rewards.

As with the original base game of Horizon Zero Dawn, Frozen Wilds offers explorers a number of different collectibles to, well, collect. Animal Figurines are one of these collectibles. There are a total of 6 Animal Figurines to find. You can purchase a special collectibles map from most of the vendors in The Cut or you can get it for free with our Animal Figurines Location Guide.

You need to head to the Specialty Merchant in the center of The Cut.

Animal Figurines Vendor

Animal Figurines Vendor

When you arrive in the area you’ll notice a large, beaten old house. Largely submerged in snow. You can get in through any of the panels on the roof or through the door. Imagine that? Using a door to enter a house. Once inside you’ll see holograms of various beasts from the time of the Old Ones and the merchant will also be waiting inside.

Simply speak with him and he will share his desires to learn more of these animals, by asking you to locate the 6 different Animal Figurines scattered throughout the cut. Pick them up, turn them in, job done.

For each of the Animal Figurines you collect you are rewarded with a Collectable Figurine Reward Box. Check out our guide on what rewards do you get for Animal Figurines for more information on what we received.

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