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Uncharted 3 Chapter 5 Treasure Locations

Uncharted 3 Chapter 5 Treasure Locations
The next chapter in Uncharted 3 is chapter 5. This guide will help you get all the treasure locations during the chapter. There isn’t one in the chapter for quite a bit so pay attention. Let’s go!

I am doing this as I go so if I miss one let me know so I can add it please.

Uncharted 3 treasure location Chapter 5 guide 1 – This one isn’t until you get to the cut scene where they found out they got a fake ring. She will leave two guards behind to watch the room. Take out the two guards and you can roam the area a bit. Find a dresser with a painting above it. The painting is angel on a horse. Jump up to the top of that for the treasure.

Uncharted 3 treasure location Chapter 5 guide 2 – This may be obtainable earlier but I saw it on my way back through. Once you get back to the part where the car is it will leave. There are two trains one on the left and one on the right. Clear the bad guys and jump on top of the left train. Aim up above it a bit and you should see the treasure. Shoot it down and grab it.

Uncharted 3 treasure location Chapter 5 guide 3 – you will get to a point where Cutter says what train station you are at. You should see a parked train. Under it is a treasure. Grab it.

That will end the Uncharted 3 treasure location Chapter 5 guide.
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