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Uncharted 3 Globe Puzzle

Uncharted 3 Globe Puzzle

The next Uncharted 3 puzzle is the globe puzzle. Basically you have to find the land mass you need to get to on the globe. It isn’t to hard but this guide will help you get through it quick. So let’s get to it.

First for the Uncharted 3 globe puzzle guide is getting the light on the globe. Once you get inside the room go around the circle and you should see a couple of levers. You can’t pull them yet but if you look to the side you will see some stairs to climb. Do so and at the top will be three braziers to light. Light each of them and the globe will light up a bit. Once it is spinning you need to line the light up in the correct area but for now it is useless.

Next for the Uncharted 3 globe puzzle guide is getting the globe spinning. After lighting the globe you should see a door to go through. do so and keep walking to see another brazier to light. Light it and you will see some giant spiders again. This part isn’t really hard at all. You need to make some jumps but before you jump you will have to light the torches on the platforms. Look at them aim the torch and throw it at them. If your torch falls off the cliff then just got back and grab a new one. Do this about five times and jump to each platform and you will be at the levers to release the water. Hit the lever then go to the next ones and hit those as well. This will get the globe spinning. Now we need to get it on to the right region.

Head to the globe then move it. Move it towards Saudi Arabia and France, between Africa. Then the crypt will open and you can get into it. Good job.

That will end the Uncharted 3 globe puzzle guide. Be sure to check our Uncharted 3 Complete Walkthrough Guide listing Treasure Locations for all chapters and more!

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