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Uncharted 3 Knight Puzzle

Uncharted 3 Knight Puzzle

The next large puzzle in Uncharted 3 happens in the chateau. There are four knights and you need to line them up correctly in order to open the secret fire passage. This guide will help you do so with no problems.

First off once you get there you are kind of clueless. You can’t look at your journal until you move a statue so do that so you can see the directions if you want to try and figure it out yourself.

For the Uncharted 3 knight puzzle guide you need to notice all the knights. First off each has a weapon or shield and we need to know where each one needs to point. Go check them out and make a note of where they are so we can find them later.

First the knight with the shield. Go up to him and turn him so the shield is pointing towards the other two knights across the room.

Next the axe knight. Go to him and point him at the shield knight you will have to rotate him a couple times.

Next the mace knight. Make it so he is pointing at the shield knight.

Lastly the sword knight. He also needs to be pointed at the shield knight.

After that they secret entrance will open and you will need to push it open with Sully. Good job.

That will end the Uncharted 3 knight puzzle guide. Be sure to check our Uncharted 3 Complete Walkthrough Guide listing Treasure Locations for all chapters and more!

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