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Uncharted 3 North Star Puzzle

Uncharted 3 North Star Puzzle

The next puzzle in Uncharted 3 has to do with the North Star. Once you make it to the top of the tower you need to find the crypt. This guide will help you find it with no problems. Let’s get started!

Wanna try it yourself? Open the notebook and you will see the Big dipper the Little dipper and an animal with the little dipper inside of it. Also that symbol that means above and below or whatever. You need to find the North star and from there go straight down to find the entrance. If you want to just have me help then read on.

Alright in order to do the Uncharted 3 North Star puzzle guide you will need to be at the top of the tower and on the symbol. Form there press L1 to use the scope. If you are not on the symbol then you cannot use the scope.

Anyways open the book to see what the big and little dipper look like if you didn’t know already. The north star is at the end of the little dipper. Basically the star that is brightest and the furthest down from the little dipper.

So on the right it the little dipper. Follow the trail of stars down and at the end Nate should say got it or something along those lines. From there go directly down and you should see a greenish blue light at the entrance you need to get to. Once you spot it some goons will shoot a rocket at you and you have to start running. Good luck.

That will end the Uncharted 3 North Star puzzle guide. Be sure to check our Uncharted 3 Complete Walkthrough Guide listing Treasure Locations for all chapters and more!

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