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Uncharted 4 Guide: Chapter 2 Cell Puzzle Guide

Uncharted 4 Guide: Chapter 2 Cell Puzzle Guide
During chapter 2 of Uncharted 4 you will come across a puzzle involving a prison cell. There are a bunch of numbers on the wall and you need to figure out what they mean. Check out our Uncharted 4 Chapter 2 Cell Puzzle Guide to help you get through it!

Uncharted 4 Chapter 2 Cell Puzzle Guide

You will have to use the grapple hook to break the wooden window in the building down below to gain access to the cell. Once you climb up, walk to the door and Nate will notice a symbol on the wall next to the door. He will then want to look at this note and fold his note to notice two more symbols. These are Zodiac signs and they are going to help us figure out the puzzle. The signs can be found on the wall and they equal 10 and 2. So to complete the puzzle you need to interact with the XII stone that can be found on the wall with the compass carved into it. This will get Nate the secret of the cell and get him the item he is looking for.

After you get the treasure you are going to have to get back to Vargas outside. It’s going to involve a lot of sliding, jumping and grappling hooking so be ready for that.

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