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Uncharted 4 Guide: Chapter 11 Founders Puzzle Guide

Uncharted 4 Guide: Chapter 11 Founders Puzzle Guide
Chapter 11 is home to another slightly confusing puzzle in Uncharted 4. You will need to align some symbols in a certain way to gain passage. This Uncharted 4 Chapter 11 Founders Puzzle Guide will help you get through it with no trouble at all.

Uncharted 4 Chapter 11 Founders Puzzle Guide

When you first get down here you will need to go up to the big gold thing and interact with it. You will have two symbols that you can spin in different directions. The idea here is to get the stars on the outside of the pictures to align. If you look in your journal you can see the marks more clear than on the wood. Line the stars up and this will open a passage into another chamber. This will also reveal another set of symbols you will need to rotate. At the moment you have no stars so back out and go into the room that just opened up.

Here there are three pictures you can look at. Look at each of them and press triangle on the squares on each painting. These will be the symbols for the three other symbols. So now go back to the Founders Puzzle and use your journal to align the three symbols. There is an extra star on the first one, don’t worry about it. This will open another door that you will want to check out. There are three more paintings in here to find squares on. The first two are pretty easy red squares but the third one is tricky. If you look to the right of the sword you can see an orange square that blends in very well. Go back to the Founders Puzzle and get the next three done.

This will open up four more symbols to spin around and a third room to check out. Go into the room and start checking the paintings. First painting square is on the right elbow of the guy, second is in the upper right corner, third is on the sash going down and fourth is on the pack on his side. Now you have to put them together again but two of them are a mystery. Here is a picture of how it looks in the book.

Uncharted 4 Foudners Puzzle Guide

Do that to the Founders Puzzle to get rid of the symbols. The will open up another piece of the Puzzle but it will be figured out in the cut scene.

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