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Under Lock And Key At The Fort Or Let Them Join Us Choice In Biomutant

Under Lock And Key At The Fort Or Let Them Join Us Choice In Biomutant
When you take your first Tribal Fort, there is an important choice to make. This guide on the Under Lock And Key At The Fort Or Let Them Join Us Choice In Biomutant breaks down the immediate consequences of your actions, as your choice greatly impacts your characters progression and future paths.

Biomutant features a varied narrative that twists and turns as the plot progresses. There are many occasions where you are given a choice to make. Sometimes the consequences of these actions are immediate, raising or decreasing your light and dark aura’s, other times the consequences are more subtle or not seen until much later in the game. Check out our Biomutant Choices & Consequences Guide for other choices.

This choice happens multiple times throughout the game, but the result remains the same.

If You Choose Put Him Under Lock And Key At Our Fort
If you make this choice your Sifu agrees with your decision and says it will give your rivals time to come around to your way of thinking. You can then claim the legendary tribe weapon as the next main objective in the quest.

If You Choose Let Them Join Us
If you choose to let the defeated Tribe join you, your Sifu also agrees. He thinks its a good gesture to offer to support to others. Both tribe leaders shake hands. You’re then able to grab the legendary tribe weapon as with the other choice.

Kill Him
If you join the Jagni then you get the option to kill the enemy Sifu as well. This will give you some dark points, but so far nothing else has happened outside of us taking the forts.

Initially it appears these decisions have no impact. While that is true in the immediate, there is no light or dark change to your Aura, it does have an impact later in the game. The ending of the game differs slightly depending on the positive and negative choices you make throughout.

During your playthrough or Biomutant, you will run into a lot of choices that can affect how the game turns out. This Biomutant Choices and Consequences guide helps you to figure out which choices do what. This way you aren't reloading bunch of old saves to see new stuff.
Each Tribe in Biomutant has a legendary weapon that you can unlock. This Biomutant Tribal Weapons Guide will tell you each of the different legendary Tribal Weapons and which Tribes they belong to, so you can take your fickle allegiance to whichever Tribe offers the biggest boost to you arsenal.
Side Quests are plentiful in Biomutant but they can be difficult to track down. This Biomutant Side Quest Location Guide will tell you where you can start each of the side quests we've discovered on our playthrough, so you can track them down, complete the objectives, and reap the rewards.
Want to discover and use exciting new mounts in Biomutant? This Biomutant Mount Location Guide provides map locations for many of the different mounts you can find in the game, including everything from 4 legged creatures to massive two legged mechs.

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