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Understanding The Manor Lords Marketplace

The Marketplace Is The Backbone Of Your Region In Manor Lords

Understanding the important of the Marketplace in Manor Lords is vital as a lack of understanding can slow regional growth, cause supply issues, and even force Families to abandon your region.

Very early in any game of Manor Lords, you will be required to construct a Marketplace. You can build a Marketplace under the Construction menu in the Residential category. It does not require any materials to construct, so make sure you place one early.

It does not need to be a large area, and you can always construct additional markets later, but we suggest you create at least a 3×3 space for your first Marketplace.

What Is The Marketplace

An image showing players a thriving Marketplace in the game Manor Lord

The Marketplace is important because of the role it serves within your region. Whenever any of your production buildings produce goods, those goods are then either placed in storage or taken to the market.

This is true for produce, such as materials for clothing, firewood for fuel, or food related items, other materials will be placed into appropriate storage.

If you inspect any production facility, such as a Tannery, you will see the Families assigned and a small icon showing whether they have a Stall at the market.

Understanding The Marketplace

This image shows players an important overlay that informs them of the supply, demand, and distribution of vital supplies and resources in the game Manor Lords

The Marketplace is the distribution hub of your entire region. If a family requires food, fuel, or clothing, they will have to physically visit the Marketplace and procure those goods.

This is especially important because it is directly tied to your regional and game progress. In order to advance through the game you need to upgrade your Burgage Plots and in order for a Burgage Plot to be upgraded, it requires regular access to, among other things, Fuel, Food, and Clothing.

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Selecting your Marketplace brings up a Supply & Demand screen. You can then hover over any of the three main categories, Fuel, Food Variety, and Clothing. This will then add a new overlay that shows you the distribution of goods to your Burgage Plots.

Whilst hovering over the different categories, you can also see the various supplies available to your Families in each category. This is important to understand, as upgrading Burgage Plots requires both quantity and variety of resources.

How To Add New Stalls To The Marketplace

An image showing the player the player how to check what families have market stalls at the Marketplace in the game Manor Lords

Stalls are automatically added to the Marketplace by a family working at any production facility that is required to meet one of the three main Market Supply needs of a Burgage Plot.

For example, inspect any Burgage Plot and under the Residential tab, you will see the “Market Supply” category. In that category are three main areas of supply, Fuel, Food, and Clothing.

If a family is assigned to work at any building that produces Fuel, Food, or Clothing supplies, they will automatically open a stall on the Marketplace to sell the goods.

You can inspect any facility and look for the Marketplace icon on the family to show they have a stall.

Important Marketplace Mechanics To Understand

An image showing the vital mechanics of the Marketplace that players need to understand in order to correctly utilize the marketplace to maximum effect in the game Manor Lords

It is important to understand that the Marketplace has a limited sphere of influence. This means that Burgage Plots closest to the Marketplace will benefit most from the supplies on offer.

The further a Burgage Plot is away from the Marketplace, the less benefits it will reap from the Stalls in place.

What does this mean? Well, it means that Burgage Plots located close to your Marketplace will be easier and quick to upgrade due to the proximity to the Marketplace.

While Burgage Plots that are further away, will be more difficult to upgrade. This is because of the time it takes to travel to the Marketplace.

Bonus Tip

You want to centralize your Marketplace and surround it with Burgage Plots, for peak efficiency. You do not need a large Marketplace. The one shown above is after about 20 hours of play, and there’s still plenty of room.

For more useful tips, be sure to check out our collection of Manor Lords Walkthrough Guides.

For example, a Burgage Plot at level 2 requires three unique food types to be at the market in order to upgrade the Burgage Plot to level 3.

If you have 100 Eggs, 100 Vegetables, and 5 Bread, there’s a high chance that the Bread will not be available when the distant families visit the market.

As such, to upgrade these distant plots, you will require a greater number of food varieties to be effective.

If you have any questions on the Marketplace in Manor Lords, post a comment below and I’ll be happy to lend a hand.

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