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Saints Row IV Guide – How to Unlock Unlimited Sprinting

Saints Row IV Guide - How to Unlock Unlimited Sprinting
When you unlock Unlimited Sprinting in Saints Row IV, you can run for miles and miles without worrying about stamina! Follow this guide from Gamers Heroes if you’re struggling to find out how to unlock Unlimited Sprinting in Saints Row IV.

You will need to complete Keith David’s second set of Executive Orders (after unlocking the Dubstep Gun) missions to unlock it. Let’s get started!

Assassinate Rogue Program

Go to the Steelport – Henry Steel Mills location on the map, in the top-middle part of the zone. Here you will come across five targets (four decoys and the real deal). You will want to destroy the real one, but be wary of police and aliens. The best way to take down your target is to get yourself to a rooftop and use the dubstep gun on your target. The rogue program will take some serious damage, but it should go down in due time.

Clear Out Zin Troops

In the same Steelport – Henry Steel Mills locale, go due east to the Flashpoint on the roof. Take down the dozen or so aliens on the roof from one of the lower rooftops, scoring headshots for a one-hit kill.

Break the Rules of Reality

Head over to the south part of Steelport – Rosen Oaks to play in some traffic. In this mode, you will need to boost your Adrenaline meter to cause at least 600,000 in damage. You can also get silver at 1,000,000 and gold at 1,700,000.

To do so, you will need to do as much damage with your body. The trick to maximize your gains is to dash with L2, then do a running jump and hit L1 or R1 to turn into a ragdoll. Try to land on as many cars as you can — they will keep you up in the air and give you the most points. Buildings work too, but don’t give you as much. If you’re about to lose momentum, try and hit a hill and a car to continue.

Shut Down Hotspot

Head over to Steelport – Loren Square’s eastern section to shut down the Zin hotspot. Disable the two generators, then disable the controller. Freeze any aliens that get in your way, and dispose of them as you please.

Steal Target Vehicle

Go to the west part of Steelport – Loren Square and find the Chrome VOID aircraft. Dispose of the aliens and hop in.

Switch the aircraft to flight mode with circle and head over to the southeastern part of the world, where the Statue of Liberty-like monument is. When you’re close, switch back to the other mode with circle and slowly land with square.

Disrupt System

Head to Steelport – Henry Steel Mills and hop into the Chrome VOID to cause some UFO Mayhem. You need to cause at least 250,000 in damage, but you can get a silver ranking at 500,000 and a gold ranking at 800,000.

Get out of flight mode and go after tanks, alien cruisers, and cars on the ground. Use the red dots on the map to make out targets. There is a repair node nearby to repair all damage done to your ship — enter flight mode and fly through to activate it.

Meet Keith

With all of the missions done, meet Keith David on the ship via the portal at Steelport – Brickston, right by the church. One through, talk to Keith and enjoy the Sprint – Unlimited Sprinting upgrade.

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