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How To Unlock More Camps In Monster Hunter World

How To Unlock More Camps In Monster Hunter World
Unlocking more camps allows for fast travel across the map. This guide will tell you How To Unlock More Camps In Monster Hunter World so you can make your gathering runs much faster, reach your targets much quicker and navigate the map without any troubles at all.

How To Unlock More Camps In Monster Hunter World

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Where To Find Wingdrake
You unlock new camps by discovering suitable locations, some are also unlocked through story progression. A good example of a suitable spot can be seen above. Head to this location and you will see Wingdrakes flying above. Hit them with a Slingshot hit or Net to upset them. They’ll drop near ground level. Highlight it and you will have the option to grapple one.

Grapple it and follow it right to the top. You will pass a suitable camp site on the way and be informed that you can go back to town to finish a Delivery quest. Return to town, check the Complete Delivery part of the quest NPC’s and then find and delivery the items to complete the quest and add the new camp.

That’s the basics of How To Unlock More Camps In Monster Hunter World. Happy camping! If you want to find out where each of the hidden camps are, check out our guide on where to find new camps in Monster Hunter World.

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    1. I figured it out. There’s no quest to “grab.” Please update your guide, as it is missing half the information.

      Once you’ve discovered a potential campsite, go to the Resource Center (Look at your map in town), and select “Complete Deliveries.” You’ll see the site you discovered in there.

      Setting up camps requires a certain amount of resources. It seems like the resources are those acquired nearby, or at least in the same map as the campsite. Pay the resource cost, and the camp is open.

      I’m pretty sure this was mentioned in the tutorials somewhere, but with the huge volume of information thrown at me from the start of the game, I forgot.

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