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How To Unlock & Rent Chocobos In Final Fantasy 15

How To Unlock Chocobos In Final Fantasy 15
There is a selection of exciting travel and fast travel opportunities in Final Fantasy XV, including the legendary Chocobo’s. This guide will tell you How To Unlock Chocobos In Final Fantasy 15 so that you can explore the huge open areas much quicker than if you were on foot, or relying on the car that is unable to take you off road.

How To Unlock Chocobos In Final Fantasy 15

When you first begin your journey in Final Fantasy XV with Noctis and friends you do not have access to any fast travel methods. After you complete the first few quests in the main story you will unlock the ability to use your car which then allows you to fast travel to parking locations you’ve visited and other special places.

There are a number of Rent-A-Bird Chocobo locations in the first area that you can usually use to rent or summon a Chocobo. Although, initially you do not have the option to do so as a prompt comes up informing you that you do not have access to this feature yet.

You need to complete the Friends of a Feather side quest in FFXV. This side quest doesn’t become available until you clear the blockade and travel to the next area in the main story quest. When you get the Friends of a Feather quest, follow the quest line and defeat the Behemoth to unlock the ability to rent Chocobos.

Make sure, when you reach the Wiz Chocobo Post that you then collect the Deadeye Hunt.

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