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How To Unlock Containers In Metal Gear Survive

How To Unlock Containers In Metal Gear Survive
So you’ve found yourself the location of a few containers, what’s next? This guide will tell you How To Unlock Containers In Metal Gear Survive, getting through the mini-game easily and quickly without alerting every Wanderer for 5 miles.

Unlocking Containers in Metal Gear Survive is actually a pretty simple process. A shame we can’t say the same about finding Containers eh? When you discover your first Container the game introduces the mini-game through a tutorial, but it’s not clear straight away. You’ll likely fail on your first attempt, unless you’ve done a bit of research beforehand.

If you fail, a loud noise alerts all nearby enemies, so it’s best to avoid it when possible. When you approach a Container hold A/X to begin picking the lock. This takes about 5-10 seconds so it’s pretty quick. Once you have picked the lock the opening process starts. It does not start instantly so you’ve got a few seconds to compose yourself.

You will see a large white area in a cone shape, almost like a field of view. As soon as you start the mini-game, this will move. The object of the game is to keep the solid bar in the white area at all times. Once you hold R2/RT, the mini-game starts. The cone moves at various speeds so it’s usually best to stay just past the middle. Tap R2/RT if it slows down, hold it if it speeds up.

The first one or two may seem a bit overwhelming but it’s surprisingly easy after that.

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