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How To Unlock The Krokodilopolis Arena In Assassins Creed Origins

How To Unlock The Krokodilopolis Arena In Assassins Creed Origins
Want to unlock the arena at Krokodilopolis? This guide will tell you everything you need to know for How To Unlock The Krokodilopolis Arena In Assassins Creed Origins. The arena is a fun and challenging mini-game that sees you fight waves of enemies. It’s similar to the Hippodrome in regards to how it is managed and how you progress but instead of chariots, you fight with everything you have. You need to be around level 25 to be able to complete the quests needed.

There are two stages to unlocking the Krokodilopolis Arena. You have to complete a specific quest in Krokodilopolis, in the North West corner next to the arena. The Champion. It’s an easy enough quest but here’s a quick walkthrough:

Found on the West side of Krokodilopolis near the arena. When you arrive you see a man getting his backside whooped. When you try to help him up you’ll have to brawl with his attacker. Follow the Old Fighter to the next fight and take down the opponent. After the fight use your Dusk till Dawn ability and meet him at the lighthouse. Follow him some more and defeat another opponent in a fist fight.

Once you have completed that quest you need to progress through the story. If you haven’t already completed it, select The Crocodile’s Scales from your journal and progress through the missions. I won’t spoil the exact point but the arena is mentioned in a conversation, that’s when you can access it.

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