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Until Dawn Guide: Butterfly Effect Choices Guide

Until Dawn Guide: Butterfly Effect Choices Guide

After the prologue in Until Dawn, you will start to make choices that matter. Keeping some characters alive will require certain choices made early on in the game. This guide will help you get the best ending possible!

Until Dawn Butterfly Effect Choices Guide

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I did the prologue three different times and the end result was always the same. As far as I know it has to happen the way it does. Clearly there are spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned.

You get your first choice at the Cable Car area. I’m doing my first playthrough now so I will update this as I go. If you do a choice I didn’t, please leave a comment with what happened.

Any Of Your Business Choice – Here you need to either check Chris’ phone or zip it up. If you check the phone you get caught by Chris and he is offended. I’m guessing if you don’t answer it he still appears and isn’t annoyed.

Chris also criticizes Sam in front of Ashley later if you check his phone.

Rats With Bush Tails Choice – You can shoot a squirrel or a sack of sand for this choice. If you shoot the sack then no one is offended and all is well. If you shoot the squirrel then you make Sam mad and you lose some relationship status with her.

The Soul Of Discretion – Here you can pick to let Mike look through the telescope or not. If he looks through he will see Emily and Mike flirting and get mad.

In the Lodge you can confront Mike about it and then warn him to stay away or say that you are over reacting.

Whose Side Are You On Choice – Jessica and Emily will have a fight in the Lodge and Matt will need to pick a side. I choose to side with Emily on my first playthrough.

Until Dawn Choices Guide

Be Her Hero – When Jessica falls you can either jump down to help her with Mike, or you can ask her to push the cart to you. I choose to jump down with Mike, watch behind Mike when he jumps. Jessica will appreciate the heroism of Mike in this instance.

When you are getting chased in the woods with Mike and Jessica you will have another choice to make. You can either help Jessica up or pick the key up. If you help her up she will be impressed and if you don’t she will get angry.

Once you make it into the cabin with Jess and Mike you will have a chance to make a move on Jess. You will need to light the fire for her and reassure her that she’s hot. It says she denies his advances but they were taking each others clothes off so…

Something For Later – This is when you are playing Sam in the Lodge and are searching the basement. When Josh opens the generator door, look inside for a baseball bat. You can either be funny or serious about it. If you are funny she will talk about playing Baseball in the snow and Josh will explain.

To The Rescue – Here you will need to successfully chase down Jess with Mike in order to get the best result. Just don’t mess up your quick time events and you should be fine.

Later in Chapter 10 when you find Jess again you need to hide both times with her to have her survive Until Dawn.

And Which One Will Die – Here you need to choose between Ashley and Josh, whoever you don’t choose will die. At the moment it seems like ONE of them HAS to die. I choose Ashley on this playthrough, I will update with what happens later.

Helping out Ashely will make her feel indebted to you and be grateful.

At What Price – Here you will have to choose to free Mike’s hand or chop off a couple of his fingers. If you free his hand you don’t lose the finger BUT the Machete is gone. That was the choice I made this time.

Man’s Best Friend – When you enter the Chapel in Chapter 6 you will have the option to kick the wolf or not. The guiding Tome was showing Mike petting the white wolf so I didn’t kick it. If you don’t kick it, you can approach it and make a new friend.

When you return in Chapter 9 Mike will run into the Wolf again and it will follow Mike.

On The Same Page – During Chapter 6 with Matt and Emily you will have to make a choice about what to do next. You can either agree with Emily to go to the Ranger tower or say go back. I thought going to the Ranger tower was a good idea so I agreed with Emily.

If you give Matt the Flare Gun at the tower, he will signal for help.

This made her sympathetic to me later in the game during Chapter 7 when she was about to fall.

Run Or Hide – During Chapter 6, when you are playing Sam, you will have to make a choice to run or hide. I’ll give you the route I took but I ended up getting caught at the end. First I tossed the vase, then I ran, ran again once at the bottom of the stairs, I tossed over the wine cabinet which got me the door handle for the blocked door, and finally in the broken house, choose to run one last time and got caught.

Maybe hiding in the broken house will let you escape? I’m not sure if you have to get caught or not.

In Self Defense – At the start of Chapter 7 you will have to deal with the deer situation with Matt and Emily. If you just walk through the deer without attacking you won’t get attacked. If you hit the deer with an axe, I would imagine they start attacking you.

Who Gets The Gun – You get this during Chapter 7 with Matt and Emily. At the top of the Ranger Tower you can find a flare gun on the outside. I gave it to Matt and had him shoot it because of a Totem I saw it on earlier.

Until Dawn Shoot Ashley Or Chris

Save Yourself – Another Emily and Matt choice during Chapter 7. I tried to save Emily at first but the tower started to tip. I jumped with Matt and the whole tower went down with Emily on it. Not sure if she is dead or if you could of saved her.

If you jump with Matt he will end up finding Jessica in the mines. If you hide both times with him and Jessica they will both survive Until Dawn.

Forewarned Is Forearmed – During Chapter 7 when you are playing as Ashely you can pick up some Scissors in the basement. If you do this you will have a chance to stab the arm of the Psycho later in the chapter. I did this and the end result was Ashley getting a black eye.

Stick Together – Also in Chapter 7 while playing as Ashely you can follow Chris or check out the noise. If you follow Chris you won’t see who is in the workshop. You also find Sam’s clothes if you follow Chris.

Point Blank – At the end of Chapter 7 you will have to choose to either shoot Chris or Ashley. I actually didn’t make a choice and it counted as Chris not shooting Ashley. This makes Ashley thankful towards you and later in the game she will open the door to save Chris from being killed. If you want to keep Chris alive you need to make sure you don’t shoot Ashley!

Once Bitten – If Emily get bitten in an earlier Chapter then in Chapter 8 you will have to deal with this Butterfly Effect. They assume that, like a zombie, once you get bit you turn into a monster. You will have a choice to shoot Emily with Mike or to not shoot her. If you don’t shoot her they find out the bite isn’t infectious, according to the book atleast. Ashley can lie about this or tell Em about it. I told Emily about the book and she slapped Ashley for it.

Important Discovery – In Chapter 10 as Sam in the mines you can find an important clue. When you are in the water you will come across a Watermill. To the left of that is a path you can go up onto from the water, take that and check the journal there. Here you figure out what happened to Hannah down here.

This will make Sam tell Josh about what happened to Hannah.

Hannah will also recognize Josh and Josh will recognize Hannah.

I am updating this as I go along, so check back soon for updates!

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  1. I can’t help but notice that to me, you seem to be basing it simply on your own singular playthrough, which is upsetting, as there are many choices that aren’t mentioned here, and there are multiple times where you say “If you do the opposite, this happens” and it’s incorrect. For example, if you shoot the bird, Sam isn’t just upset with you. She also gets attacked by a bird, because it threw off the balance of nature. You don’t seem to mention this at all, which indicates you didn’t actually try to find out the choice options, but instead you played through it once and then outlined your own choices. If you wanna show off your own choices, get a YouTube channel and do a playthrough of it. If you’re going to write an article trying to show each choice you can make, put actual effort into including the correct choices and the correct outcomes of those choices.

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