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Until Dawn Guide: Totem Location Guide

Until Dawn Guide: Totem Location Guide
The Totems in Until Dawn are important collectibles that you will want to find as you play through. These will give you the edge on whats about to happen in the game. This guide will help you find all the Totems in Until Dawn while you play!

Until Dawn Totem Location Guide

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There are five different types Totems you will need to find as you play.

Death Totem 1 – You get this one during the Prologue while you are looking for Beth. It is on the snowy path, before you run into Beth and the fire guy.

Death Totem 2 – You get this after Ashley gets taken and you are looking for her with Chris. Once outside you will see a path to the left and a path through a fence. Take the left path and check out the Pig head at the top. To the left of the Pig head you can see the Totem. This is Chapter 5.

Death Totem 3 – You get this one during Chapter 6 with Mike. After you get past the part with the wolves and get the gun, you will end up at an area where you can go down some steps. Go around the steps and you can find this Totem in the corner.

Death Totem 4 – This one can be gotten with Matt during Chapter 6. Before you get on the Cable Car, look around on the outside to find this in the snow.

Guidance Totem 1 – This one is kind of hard to miss. You find the Totem near the cable car stop at a sign post that explains the butterfly colors in dreams. Sam will look at it after she reads the sign. This is Chapter 1.

Guidance Totem 2 – You get this when you are playing as Mike looking for Jess. After she scares you, you can find it in the snow near a tree. This one shows you where you are going to go. I want to say this is Chapter 4 but I didn’t write it down when I found it.

Guidance Totem 3 – You get this while you are chasing Jessica through the woods. This is once you enter the building and go down the steps. You can find it on the floor to the left of the stairs. If you go into the mine, you’ve gone to far. This is chapter 5.

Guidance Totem 4 – You can find this during Chapter 6 with Matt and Emily. After you walk around the Cable Car station, where Em almost falls, you can find this right outside to the left.

Loss Totem 1 – After Sam breaks into the lodge and has the lighter, you can find this on the ground near two bikes. This one shows the possible death of a character.

Loss Totem 2 – You also get this Totem while you are playing as Chris looking for Ash. Once you get to the big building with the door open, go right and follow that path around. At the end of the path you can find the Totem in the snow. This is Chapter 5.

Loss Totem 3 – You get this with Mike at the start over Chapter 6. When you enter the large building with him you will see a barrel that you can move. At the end of that room, you can grab the next Totem.

Loss Totem 4 – I found this as Matt in Chapter 10. Shortly after you start you will come to some mine cart tracks in the ground. Follow those to the back and you will find a Totem on the ground.

Until Dawn Danger totem Location Guide

Danger Totem 1 – You can find this Totem when you are playing as Mike and Jess. When you are going to the Generator Shed you can see it in the snow near there. This Totem will show Ashley in the future. I think this one was in Chapter 2.

Danger Totem 2 – This is during Chapter 8 when you are playing as Emily. After you get the power going for the elevator, take the stairs down and before you go through the doorway you can find the Totem near some barrels.

Danger Totem 3 – This is during Chapter 9. When Mike returns to the sanitarium you will have two doors to pick from. One door has a lock and the other one does not. Choose the one without a lock and DO NOT go outside. In the room before you go outside you can find a Totem on the floor.

Danger Totem 4 – This is during Chapter 9 when you play as Ashley in the tunnel. While you move through the tunnel you will eventually see an opening on the left, looks kind of like a doorway. In there you will find this Danger Totem.

Fortune Totem 1 – After you go into the mine shaft with Mike you can find this Totem. Instead of taking the stairs at the end, go right and you can find this Totem at the end of the path. This is right after the mine cart comes at you. Again, I believe this one was found in Chapter 2.

Fortune Totem 2 – You find this at the start of chapter 6 with Mike. Go the fountain and then go left to the main gate, at the bottom of the main gate you will find the Totem.

Fortune Totem 3 – This is also during Chapter 6 but with Matt and Emily. You can find this on the way up to the Ranger Tower. After they are talking about a backup plan you will go up some steps. You can find the Totem after the steps, near a tree.

Fortune Totem 4 – This is at the start of Chapter 8 with Emily, assuming you’ve kept her alive. After you fall down the chute and light up a flare head onto the wooden floor. Here, you should be able to see the Totem on the ground.

Fortune Totem 5 – This can be found in Chapter 10. When you enter the mines with Sam and Mike you can find the Totem to the right of the jump down point.

Fortune Totem 6 – You get this in Chapter 10 when you start playing as Josh for a second time. When Mike starts going to the right you should go left to find this Totem on the ground.

I am updating this as I go along, so check back soon for more updates!

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