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Valiant Hearts: The Great War – Chapter 1 Ypres Guide

Valiant Hearts The Great War: Chapter 1 Ypres Guide

Ypres in Valiant Hearts: The Great war is the first level to bring out the poison gas. You will have to put a stop to the gas so you and Freddie can move forward. This guide will help you get through the level with no trouble at all. Let’s get started.

Ypres Guide

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After the cut scene about the poison gas use the dog to hit the switch on the other side of the gas. Get close enough and he can crawl under it. From there keep moving until you reach an area where you can dig. Dig down and use the switches to get the box attached to the chains. Bring the box back up to the dog and have him jump on top of it. Once he is on top of it bring him down to your level and then you get on the box. Use the dog to lower the box to the bottom level then enter the cave.

Once inside the cave you will have to stop the gas so the guys above can proceed. First go all the way to the end and push the mine cart back outside the cave. Use the dog to raise the crate you took down here then push the mine cart underneath it so you can put the crate on top of the cart. Now move the cart to the platform and raise it up to connect the leaking gas pipe. Now use the valve on the left side and turn it towards you to connect the pipes to the main part of the machine. This will cause the pressure gauge to rise.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War Emile

Next go to the valve on the right and use that one. You want the top L pipe to be connected to the bottom pipe. After that use the dog to hit the switch and move the bottom L pipe until the pipes are all connected. After that the machine blows up and you can head up the ladder. Once you are outside keep running and a zeppelin will start to bomb you. Dodge the bombs and break the debris in the way of the cave you run into.

Once inside the cave follow the path until you reach a room with a switch and a rope. Go to the end of the cave and grab the bucket and put it on the rope. Put the dog in the bucket and then use the switch. Have the dog bring the ladder down then grab the bone and use it on the switch to help out Freddie. Once he cuts the barbwire run and dig your way out of the cave, move quick so the gas doesn’t catch you.

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