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Wasteland 3 Full House Quest Guide

Wasteland 3 Full House Quest Guide
A Brig Jailor, a Medbay Doctor, an Armory Quartermaster and Garage Mechanics needed to be recruited. This Wasteland 3 Full House Quest Guide will tell you exactly where you can find each of the roles you need to recruit in order to complete the Full House primary mission.

There are likely multiple methods to solving each of these recruitment issues. We have simply listed the ones we discovered on our first play through.

Wasteland 3 Full House Quest Guide

Where To Find Brig Jailor
Where To Find Medbay Doctor
Where To Find Armory Quartermaster
Where To Find Garage Mechanics

That should be enough recruits for you to complete the Full House quest. If you want to recruit others to your base so you unlock Cloning and other cool features, check out our Wasteland 3 recruitment guide.

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