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Wasteland 3 Love Letter Puzzle Guide

Wasteland 3 Love Letter Puzzle Guide
As you play through Wasteland 3, you may come across a love letter with a little puzzle attached to it. Check out this Wasteland 3 Love Letter puzzle guide to figure out where to get the rest of the clues and the prize. This way you can get some extra cash and complete a mini puzzle.

Wasteland 3 Love Letter Puzzle Guide

In order to start this mini quest, you will first need enough lock picking skill to open the safe in the clothing store of Downtown Colorado Springs. Inside you will find the first clue that will mention a park that has the next clue. The park is located in Broadmoor Heights which is connected to Downtown. You can gain access by following the main story or by having Lucia Wesson in your group as a member. Once you have access, head inside and you will see that this is the fancy part of the town.

Your next stop will be the park, which is on the west side of the area. Go there and you are looking for a dig spot in the park. It is pushed up against the west wall and when you find it, you will get a second love letter. There are supposed to be a couple more, but I ended up finding the treasure before finding the other notes. Head to the north part of the park near the stairs and you will see a lone tree you can talk to. It is a skinny tree, not a big one. Talk to it and with six lock picking, you can open the box and reveal the cash inside and some other loot to sell. After you grab it your partners will make remarks confirming you have found the love letter treasure.

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