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Wasteland 3 Skill Book Location Guide

Wasteland 3 Skill Book Location Guide
Skill Books provide a permanent skill increase to a single character. This Wasteland 3 Skill Book Location Guide tells you where to find each of the Skill Books we have discovered while battling our way through Wasteland 3 so far.

There are a lot of items to find and discover in Wasteland 3. Much like the Creepy Dolls, Skill Books are one of the most valuable items you can find on your travels. Skill Books are items that you can find and use on any of the characters within your party. Once you use the Skill Book on a character, the Skill Book is consumed and that character receives a permanent +1 to the skill associated with the Skill Book. If you’re struggling to find locations, check out our Wasteland 3 World Map all locations guide.

We’ve got a break down of the Skill Books we have found so far followed by a more detailed guide on the actual locations.

  • Kumite: A History (Garden Of The Gods) – +1 Brawling
  • The Shade Tree Mechanic (Machine Shop) – +1 Mechanics
  • The Locksmiths Companion (HQ) – +1 Lockpicking
  • Tippy Toes (Little Vegas) – +1 Sneaky Shit
  • The Infantrymen’s Bible (Hoon Homestead) – +1 Automatic Weapons
  • The Red Wire Or The Blue Wire (Arapaho Caravan) – +1 to Explosives
  • The Drill Sergeants Phrase (Bizarre) – +1 to Hard Ass
  • Fix It (HQ) – +1 Toaster Repair
  • Negotiated Settlement (Broadway Heights) – +1 Kiss Ass
  • Grey’s Anatomy (Old Survivalist Bunker) – +1 First Aid
  • Be The Dog (Machine Commune) – +1 Animal Whisperer
  • The Brooklyn Bridge (Tellurium Mine) – +1 Barter
  • Neural Net Processor (Department Of Energy Site) – +1 Nerd Stuff
  • Make My Day (Godfisher Windfarm) – +1 Small Arms

Where To Find Skill Books In Wasteland 3

Kumite: A History (Garden Of The Gods)
The Shade Tree Mechanic (Machine Shop)
The Locksmiths Companion (HQ)
Tippy Toes (Little Vegas)
The Infantrymens Bible (Hoon Homestead)
The Red Wire Or The Blue Wire (Arapaho Caravan)
The Drill Sergeants Phrase (Bizarre)
Fix It (HQ)
Negotiated Settlement (Broadway Heights)
Greys Anatomy (Old Survivalist Bunker)
Be The Dog (Machine Commune)
The Brooklyn Bridge (Tellurium Mine)
Neural Net Processor (Department Of Energy Site)
Make My Day (Godfisher Windfarm)

We will continue to update this guide on Skill Book Locations as we continue through the game.

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