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Watch Dogs 2 Key Data Location & Research App Guide

Watch Dogs 2 features a robust and varied skill tree that lets you unlock a huge variety of new skills, perks and improvements. Some of the skills in the Research App are locked until you find a specific piece of Key Data. This Watch Dogs 2 Key Data Location & Research App Guide lists all of the Key Data locations with screenshots and information on how to obtain them.

You can find out if a specific skill on the Research App is locked due to lack of Key Data by navigating to the skill on your chosen skill tree. Typically they tell you if they are locked due to lacking a previous skill but they also provide information on other requirements such as locating Key Data.

This Watch Dogs 2 Key Data Location & Research App Guide

Stun Amp Up Key Data Location - Standford University Key Data
System Crash Upgrade: Blackout - Gate Houseboats Key Data
Expert Tinkering - Vista Point Key Data
Speed Boost - Alcatraz Key Data
Enhanced Spring - Palo Alto Key Data
Chopper Retreat Exploit - Sfmoma Key Data
Botnet Savings: City Hacking - Fort Point Key Data
Keen Eye - Nudle Park Key Data

There you have it. A complete list of every Key Data item you can find in Watch Dogs 2. Using this guide and collecting all of the items listed above will give you complete access to any ability on the skill tree.

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