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Watch Dogs 2 Unique Hidden Vehicles Guide – Location & Screenshots

Watch Dogs 2 Unique Vehicles Guide - Location & Screenshots
Whether you’re cruising around Horseshoe Bay or tearing it up around Silicon Valley, you should be doing it in style. Watch Dogs 2 features many unique vehicles and this guide will tell you where to find them and what they look like.

Much like the other collectibles in Watch Dogs 2 the unique vehicles you can discover are marked on your map by a blue car icon – although you have to be in range for it to appear on your screen and it’s best to do it in the hacker view. Different cars have different stats and physical appearances but all of the cars in this list are unique making for some of the fastest cars in Watch Dogs 2, and the best looking!

When you first discover a unique vehicle make sure you get inside. This unlocks the vehicle in the app so you can call for it anytime you want to use it. We have also included cars that are not unlocked via the traditional means of purchasing them at one of the various motor stores around the city, such as vehicles unlocked through side missions or other content.

Where To Find Unique Hidden Vehicles In Watch Dogs 2

Hidden/Unique Vehicle
Hidden Vehicles You Can Unlock

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