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Watch Dogs 2 Unlockable Clothing Guide – Where To Find Hidden Clothing

Watch Dogs 2 is home to a huge variety of customization options. You can discover and unlock new weapon paint jobs, new skins for your car and an exciting mix of clothing and accessory items. This Watch Dogs 2 Unlockable Clothing Guide will tell you where to find all the hidden clothing items we’ve discovered so far alongside information on any other requirements.

Where To Find Hidden Clothes

The vast majority of the hidden clothes you will find in Watch Dogs 2 are marked on the map with a blue t-shirt icon, making it easy to distinguish against other similarly colored marks. However, clothes can also appear in cash bags marked as a $ on the map. They do not appear in the smaller, lunch-sized style bags, only in the bigger ones.

Watch Dogs 2 Unlockable Clothing Guide

Below is a complete list of all of the clothing items we’ve discovered. There are some clothing items scattered throughout San Francisco and the surrounding areas, these are a simple process of locate and collect. Others can be unlocked through various achievements, challenges and hidden missions. The list below is a little scattered but remember to use the fast travel option where available and you shouldn’t have trouble collecting them all.

Watch Dogs 2 Clothing Guide – Caps

Ragnarok Colors Leather Daddy
Teamwork Bucket
Retro Cap CyberDriver
Cap Legs Hat
Fidel Cap WKZ
Swelter Outfit Sun Cap
?! Hat

Watch Dogs 2 Clothing Guide – Masks

Teamwork Mask
Auntie Shu Outfit Mask
New Dawn Rags Mask
Swelter Outfit Mask
?! Mask

Watch Dogs 2 Clothing Guide – Tops

Tezcas Represent Vato Flannel
Teamwork Dual Brain
Bratva Look Riding Jacket
Sweater Fishermans Warf Top
CyberDriver Jacket
Newly Dawned Pinstripe Jacket
!NViTE Swag Grey Cardigan
Swelter Outfit Headache Top
Nudle Swag Dev Team Short
Button Up Landscaper
T-Shirt Fed Sec
T-Shirt Money Puppet
eKart Racer Bright Green
?! Shirt
Sweatshirt East Beast
!NViTE Swag T-Shirt
T-Shirt Thrussted
Blume Swag Grey Cardigan
Defalt Hoodie
Bounty Hunter Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Watch Dogs 2 Clothing Guide – Bottoms

DedSec Rig Digital Harem
Ragnarok Colors Road Rash
Swelter Outfit Headache Pants
?! Pants
Blume Swag Pristine Pants

Watch Dogs 2 Clothing Guide – Footwear

Swelter Outfit Desert Shoes
?! Shoes

Watch Dogs 2 Clothing Guide – Bags

Swelter Outfit Desert Day Bag
Laptop Bag Chinese

Where To Buy Clothes In Watch Dogs 2

The clothes listed above in our hidden unlockable clothes guide all fit in the Miscellaneous section of the clothing options at any wardrobe or store. The other sections such as Torque Rat, William Finn and Axle Boardship are exclusive to stores. Look for the red t-shirt icon on the map. Head to any of those stores to purchase the additional fashion options in the other categories.

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