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Watch Dogs Guide: ctOS Tower Guide

Watch Dogs Guide: ctOS Tower Guide

In order to gain access to all the side events in Watch Dogs you will have to disable the ctOS towers throughout the city. You will have to do some hacking in order to gain access to the towers. This ctOS Tower guide will help you take out all the towers in the game! Check it out.

Mad Mile ctOS Towers

Use the map shots to figure out which tower is which. I used my phone so sorry about the quality.

ctOS Tower – Franklin Tower – This it the ctOS Tower on the little island in the left corner of the Mad Mile. There are no enemy units here but you will have to hack a couple boxes to access the tower. Swim around the building and climb up the rocks to the dock and look up for a camera. Hack that then look up for another camera on a pole. Look left and you can switch to the last camera and you can unlock both panels from there. Swing the camera all the way to the right to access the second box. Head through the now unlocked door and up the stairs to access the tower.

ctOS Tower – River East Tower – This tower is in the upper left of the Mad Mile area. You will need to access two switches in order to get to the tower. First go around the building that the tower is on until you find the switch on one of the walls and hit it. From that switch use your hack vision and follow the line until it goes up a pillar. Keep following that alley way down until you get to a life and get on it and go up. Go through the door you unlock and across the barrier to the right you can find the second switch. Once you hit that switch just follow the path to the tower and hack it.

ctOS Tower – Gold Coast Tower – The tower is actually up above but you will want to start ground level for this one. Across from the tower there is a park garage with some steps that can get you to the roof. Go in and take those stairs to the level right below the roof and head towards the tower marker. Look for the ladder on the tower building and jump the barrier and climb it. From there turn on your hack vision and follow the white line to a switch. Now follow the line back to an intrude point. Use the two cameras to unlock the tower door then go shut it down.

Parker Square ctOS Towers

Pequino Village Tower

ctOS Tower – Pequino Village Tower – This tower is up on a roof and you will have to use another building to gain access to it. Go into the back alley and you will see a parking lot opposite toe building with the tower on it. Use the forklift to get up to the roof of that building. Follow that until you can jump down onto a lift and use that to gain access to the ladder near the tower. Once you climb the ladder use the camera on the tower to unlock the door and you can hack the tower.

Hill Park Tower

ctOS Tower – Hill Park Tower – This tower is on a little compound on the top of a hill. Follow the fence around until you find the opening then follow the white line around until you reach a camera. Use that camera to hack the forklift then switch to the camera the forklift was hiding. Once you unlock the switch you can go hack the tower.

The Loop ctOS Towers

Riverside Tower

ctOS Tower – Riverside Tower – This tower is on the roof of a building. Go into the back alley near the tower and look up to find a swing stage you can use to get up near the tower. Once you are up there you will have the locked door to deal with. Hop over the ledge near the door and you will be able to access the camera near the tower. Use that camera to unlock the door and you can hack the tower.

Theater Square Tower

ctOS Tower – Theater Square Tower – This tower is on the roof of a building also. Go to the back alley and use the scissor lift on the ground to gain access to the roof of the building near the tower. Keep climbing until you reach the door then look right for your first camera. That camera can access one of the locks so do that then switch back to Pearce. Now look above you and access that camera and unlock the second switch. Now you can just follow the path and hack the tower.

South Side Campus Tower

ctOS Tower – South Side Campus Tower – Another roof tower with a back alley. Go to the alley and use the lift to get up on the roof. Keep going up until you reach the door then look up and to the left for your first camera. Use this camera to hit the first switch then change to the camera below the near the door you just unlocked. Unlock the second switch then go hack the tower.

Brandon Docks ctOS Towers

Des Monts Canal Tower

ctOS Tower – Des Monts Canal Tower – Head to the tower way point and go to the train tracks near there. Near the train tracks you will find a small building with a lift on it. Climb up the lift then the ladder to find the door. Look to the right and access the camera on the building. Now look left and go to the camera on the tower near the train tracks. Now you have two cameras and you need to access both of them. The one inside the building opens the inside door and the camera on the outside opens the outside door.

Lake Shore Tower

ctOS Tower – Lake Shore Tower – Head to the way point and the tower will be above you. You will see a carrier that you want to use later but first follow the white line behind the shack for the switch. After you hit the switch grab a car and go in the carrier with it. Bring the carrier up and drive it out to get onto the roof. Go through the gate and hack the tower.

Calumet Marker Tower

ctOS Tower – Calumet Marker Tower – To get to this tower you will have to unlock the door to the shed. If you look outside the fence there is a camera pointing into the shed. Use that camera to hit the switch inside the shed and then go through the door. Explode the vent to break the fence then use the lift to get up to the tower.

The Wards ctOS Towers

Rossi-Fremont Tower

ctOS Tower – Rossi-Fremont Tower – Run around the building with the tower on it until you find the lift. Take the life up and go to the locked door. Look to the left for a camera you can use to unlock the door. Once inside take a right and follow the path until you can jump up on some AC units. Look down from the units for the second unlock switch and hack the tower. You will have to take the ladder up to get to the tower area.

Woodpark West Tower

ctOS Tower – Woodpark West Tower – You will need to take the train tracks in order to get to this tower. Once you are at the locked door look up and access the camera. Find the camera to the left and use that to explode the vent and hit the switch.

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