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Watch Dogs Guide: How To Escape The Police

Watch Dogs Guide: How To Escape The Police

Escaping the police in Watch Dogs is both challenging and fun. With all sorts of hacks at your disposal you can play escape the police in all sorts of ways. This guide will help you escape the police without having to kill any of them. Check it out!

Avoiding Police

Avoiding The Police

Honestly avoiding the police is the best method if you can do it. If some civilians see you commit a crime and start to call the police run up to them and take their phones. This will prevent the police from even coming out.

If they are actively searching for you use Jam Comms to stop the meter from building up for awhile. While this is happening you can escape easily.

Escaping The Police

Escape The Police

If you are forced to escape the police you can use the environment to your advantage. Gates and garage doors will slow down the police letting you escape out other exits or paths. When you are out go find a quiet alley to hide in.

If you have bridge control you can go over a bridge and activate it to stop the police form chasing you across. After that just disable the helicopter and go down an alley and hide in your car.

If you can get into a parking garage you can get out of your car and stick behind cover while they search for you. If you watch their movements and move when you need to you should be fine. Just make sure you have a lot of different things to hide behind!

Alleys are the best place to hide because the cops have a hard time following you and choppers can;t see you as well. Use them to lose the cops then go to a different one to hide until they give up. Blackouts will briefly confuse the police if you need a few extra seconds.

What about you? How do you escape to police? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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