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Watch Dogs Guide: By Any Means Necessary

Watch Dogs Guide: By Any Means Necessary

Now that you have all the part needed you can bring the fight to Rossi-Fremont and Iraq. In order to get inside the building you will have to deal with the mini army posted outside. This guide will help you get what you need and get out with no trouble at all. Let’s get started.

By Any Means Necessary

By Any Means Necessary

You’ve been here before so you might remember the way in. If not go around until you find a gate you can hack open and do so. Use the cover and stay behind all the enemies to get to the door. Just keep and eye on which way they are looking and you can avoid fighting any of the guys outside the building. Once you get to the door equip the blackout and use it. This will open the door so you can get inside during the confusion.

Once you enter the next room go right into cover and take out the two men above you with a silenced weapon. Once the elevator comes either explode the vent or the grenades on the elites to take all of them in one swoop. Once they are all dead use the elevator to get to the next area. You will hear an announcement over the intercom on the way up letting you know Iraq knows you are here. Bust out a high powered weapon and once the elevator arrives get to cover.

Fight you way up to the locked door and hack the switch to gain access to the arcade. There is a heavy in here so use some IEDs or nades to bring him down at a distance. Stick behind cover and fight you way from objective to objective. Use your focus and be sure to hack grenades on enemies. Any chance you can get around and flank your enemies take it. The auto shotgun is your best friend in these close quarter areas.

After you take out all the enemies you can hack the server on the top floor. Once you try to leave Iraq will confront you and you will have to kill his men on the roof. His men can spawn ANYWHERE so I stuck by the ammo bag because they couldn’t get behind me that way. When the heavy spawns use your grenade launcher on him until he dies. If you don’t have a grenade launcher at this point for some reason Use IEDs and the vents to blow him up. The enforcer is TOUGH so keep him on the ground with explosives or he will beat you. After the enforcer is down take out Iraq safely, don’t blow it now! After you take out Iraq and go to the objective marker you will beat the mission.

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