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Watch Dogs Guide: Side Missions Guide

Watch Dogs Guide: Side Missions Guide

Side missions in Watch Dogs is a great way to earn cash and skill points. They pop up after you disable the ctOS towers in a certain area. This guide will help you burn through them and take out the targets one by one. Let’s get started.

Scroll over the gang hide out location to figure out which one we are on. Remember the main target has to be taken down but the other guys can be killed. A silenced weapon is your best friend for these missions. Be sure to use the environment to your advantage if you are fighting the enemies.

Brandon Docks Side Missions

Brandon Docks Side Missions

Gang Hideout – Gone In A Flash – The target for this one is leaning up on a barrier in between the two large cranes. He has two guys patrolling near him and stationary as well. Use your scan and take out the three near him with a silencer and sneak up and take him down. If you haven’t alerted the club members just escape if you have bust out a strong weapon and unload. Use cameras in the areas to find the targets before you go in.

Gang Hideout – Packing – The target is inside the warehouse on the second floor. Take out all the guys on the outside first then go into the warehouse. Sneaking up to the second level is simple enough just use the things inside the warehouse to distract the guards on the lower floor. When I took the target down I got spotted so I used the explode point in the warehouse on the men below. It creates a massive explosion to be sure to be on the second floor when you use it! Kill anyone that is left and the mission will end.

Gang Hideout – Port Authority – The target is on the first floor of the warehouse. I took out everyone but the target and then easily took down the target.

The Wards Side Missions

The Wards Side Missions

Gang Hideout – Swap Meet – The target is kind of right in the middle near a forklift and a green bin. If you enter from the front go to the right side and take out the three enemies near there. The target might see the guys go down but if you use a silenced weapon he won’t run. Use the fork lift to distract him and run up behind him and take him down. I escaped without alerting people this time.

Gang Hideout – Compliments For The Cook – The target is right outside a building on the east side of the area. I came in from the north and just hoped took out the sniper when I had a shot at him. After that I hoped the fence and snuck right up the target and took him down. In and out no problem.

Parker Square Side Missions

Gang Hideout – Union Dues – The target is on the third floor of the building under construction. I jumped the fence and climb the east side of the building right up to the third floor. There is a single guard watching that entrance so take him down then sneak up to the target area. There will be a single guard between you and the target so take him down and watch for the other guards to leave the target. Once you are clear take the target down and sneak out.

Pawnee Side Missions

Pawneee Side Missions

Gang Hideout – Decapitated – The target is patrolling through the graveyard so use a camera to find him. Since he is moving around I decided to take out everyone in the way until he was alone. Once he was alone I walked up behind him and took him down.

Gang Hideout – Out of the Woodwork – The target is near the yellow building on the east side of the area. Take the river and climb up the ramp that has logs going up it. To the left of the logs there is a ladder and a spot to drop down. Right below that is the target but I could not get the ladder to work. If you can use the ladder if not drop and just run straight at him to take him down. After that a second target will be incoming.

The second target was in the south park of the area. At this point I had enemies on me so I just went form cover to cover with a silencer taking out enemies until he was the only one left. Once it is just him sneak up on him and take him out.

Gang Hideout – Beached – Three targets on this one. Two of them patrol the beach near the docks and the other is near the wooden fence by the road. Focus on the one near the fence first. He is alone so once no guards are looking his way take him out and then move towards the docks. The second target on the west side of the area is normally alone so take him down second. Wait for his back to be turned and take him down. The last guy is best taken out via the docks. Drop the two guards on the docks and sneak around to the big rock near the last target. Go around that rock and take out the last target.

Gang Hideout – Burning Bridges – Yet another 3 target mission. The first target is on the top level of the bridge. He has a sniper near him and another guard that patrols. Take those two out and sneak up on him and take him down.

The next target is under the bridge and honestly the best approach is to take out everyone but the target silently. Under the bridge is very open and the guards will see you at all sorts of angles so don’t even risk it. Once it is just him sneak up on him and take him down.

The last target is on the other side of the bridge which can’t access without taking a swim in the river. Swim to the other bridge and climb up the ladder. Up the ladder is a single guard so take him down and keep moving up. At the top is the target and a single guard. Take out the guard and take down the target to complete the mission.

Mad Mile Side Missions

Mad Mile Side Missions

Gang Hideout – The Low Road – The target is pretty much in the middle surrounded by guards, this is under the highway if you are having trouble locating it. There is a slight gap on the north part of the fence you can jump over and remain undetected. There is a single guard near the target you wan to take out before moving. Once you take him out wait for the target to turn his back and sneak up on him. After that leave the way you came in and the mission will be complete.

Gang Hideout – The Tower – The target is near the top of the tower. Honestly the best approach for this one is to run up the tower taking out enemies one by one until you reach the target. Clear out the guards near him and take him down.

The Loop Side Missions

The Loop Side Missions

Gang Hideout – Street Cleaning – The target is in the south park of the area protected by a couple guards. I came in from the north and took out the first guy near the fork lift. Then I used the fork lift to get the sniper up above. While I was up there I took down the two guards near the target and snuck up on the target. After I took him down I was able to escape.

Gang Hideout – Two for One – This one has two targets. The enemies are on the roof and the two targets are up there. I used a lift to get up and took out the two guards near where I got on. One guard was down so the target went to check him out and I took him down. I got caught after this but the other target is on the other side. I just took out everyone but the target then went and took him down.

That will end the side missions guide! Check back soon for more Watch Dog guides!

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