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Watch Dogs Guide: Sometimes You Still Lose Guide

Watch Dogs Guide: Sometimes You Still Lose Guide

Now it is time for Aiden to take control of the ctOS and find out where the enemy hacker is. He will try to tap you the entire way but with proper preparation you can beat him no problem. This guide will get you where you need to be without getting you killed. Let’s get started.

Sometimes You Still Lose…

Be sure to stock up on explosives and other equipment before getting to deep into the mission. Head to the bunker and watch the cut scene. Aiden uploads the video of the Mayor killing Rose to the press then Damien calls you. Now it’s time to end this.

Start heading into the city and T-bone will call you and give you an objective marker. Head to the hack point and make an attempt to hack. There is a firewall up so you can’t hack it until you exit and call T-bone. He wants you to install a virus at three separate points. The pictures below are the actual point because Damien sends out a few decoys. There will also pretty much be a CONSTANT police threat on you, use your disable communications to get some breathing room when you need it. You can also use the bridge raise and barriers to stop the police if they are on to you.

Sometimes You Still Lose Hack Point 1

Go to this one first and when the police get to you go inside the building to the left of the hack point. Keep the shutters up and stay behind cover until they get off of you then use the hack point. Remember just because your map is red doesn’t mean the police aren’t looking for you. Stick behind cover and don’t let the chopper spot you, disable it if you have the skill.

Sometimes You Still Lose Hack Point 2

Go to this one second and expect the police to be on you from about the halfway point on. Just close the gate behind you when you go through towards the hack point and you will have enough time to hide near the hack point. I didn’t even have any cops reach the second floor by the time I was finished but if any get close don’t hesitate to take them out quietly.

Sometimes You Still Lose Hack Point 3

I hit this one last and when I jumped a bridge all the cops quit chasing me except for the chopper. I was able to escape before the chopper found me but if you have to use the angles on the building to keep out of sight or disable the chopper if you have the skill. The hacking distance is pretty decent so feel free to move around. After that you need to escape the police again but you are on an island so you can just jump a bridge and put it up to stop them from coming after you. The chopper will still be an issue so hide in your car down an alley till you lose them.

Now head back to that first hack point and begin the hack, don’t worry no cops will be after you. You have infinite time to hack and once you do you will shut down Chicago for a few seconds. After you do that grab a boat and head to Damien. Once you get to the lighthouse use the lift to get up to the door. Head up to the top of the lighthouse and finish it.


Now you have a choice to kill Maurice or let him live.

Letting him live didn’t seem to do anything when I returned to the map.

I don’t know what happens if you kill him yet because for some reason you cannot replay missions. If anyone finds out leave a comment and let me know so I can add it. My guess is nothing changes at this time.

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  1. sometimes you still lose mission mad me rage quit 16 times until I finished it at 6:27 a.m.

    Can someone tell me how long this was. started playing last mission: 4:16p.m finished last mission: 6:27 a.m.

  2. Just use a boat. There are a few at the start, you can get 2 of 3 hacked with no cops except for the chopper..made too easy tho

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