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Watch Dogs Guide: Weapons Trade Guide

Watch Dogs Guide: Weapons Trade Guide

During act 2 you will unlock the weapons trade investigation on your map. The crates are all in locked boxes and after you collect them you will get a special mission to stop the weapons trade in the city. This guide will help you get all the weapons crates and the Spec Ops Goblin. Let’s get started.

Weapon Crate Locations

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Sorry about the quality of the screenshots but I had to use my phone since I don’t have capture equipment.

Watch Dogs Weapons Crate 1

Shipping Crate 1 – This one is inside the garage but you need to hit a switch to unlock the door. While looking at the main garage door use your phone and follow the white line to the switch. You can hit it form the ground if you go out far enough and look at it. After you open the door head inside and grab the crate.

Watch Dogs Weapons Crate 2

Shipping Crate 2 – This one is also in a garage. Head to the blue door and use your phone and follow the white line across the street. The switch is on a restaurant and the camera you need to use is on the building next to it. After you hit the switch head inside and grab the crate.

Watch Dogs Weapons Crate 3

Shipping Crate 3 – I’m beginning to think they are all in garages. The switch is on the roof and you will need to use the cameras to access it. Right next to the garage is a coffee shop with some out door tables. Once you are there look up and access the camera on the building. Look left for another camera and with that one you can unlock the door to the crate.

Watch Dogs Weapons Crate 4

Shipping Crate 4 – In order to get this crate you will need to climb up the building next to the garage. There is a ladder on the side of the white building you can take to get up there. Once you are up top there is a slanting piece of building you can jump on to get up higher, jump on the highest part of the slant. Once you are up there drop between the barbed wire and hit the switch. Grab the crate and head out.

Watch Dogs Weapons Crate 5

Shipping Crate 5 – When you get to the door follow the white line and you can just barely see the switch from near the road. On the building across from the switch you can access the camera and hit the switch. Go grab the box and move on.

Watch Dogs Weapons Crate 6

Shipping Crate 6 – If you look right above the garage door you can find a camera to access. Access that camera and you can disable the switch and grab the box inside.

Watch Dogs Weapons Crate 7

Shipping Crate 7 – Then unlock switch is on the back of the building so follow the white line around to unlock the door. Once it is unlocked go get the crate.

Watch Dogs Weapons Crate 8

Shipping Crate 8 – Follow the white line down the row of buildings until it goes up onto a roof. You can keep going and get onto the roof and hit the switch. Go back and grab your crate.

Watch Dogs Weapons Crate 9

Shipping Crate 9 – Once you get to the garage head across the street while following the white line. Keep following the white line until you get to the switch, the line looks like it goes up some stairs but it doesn’t stay in the tunnel.

Once you arrive at the investigation point you will have some enemies to deal with. Sneak up to the high ground and use your silenced pistol to kill the men up top. From there pick of any enemies on the bottom and wait for the enemy reinforcements to arrive.

The first batch doesn’t have any heavies so save you grenade launcher ammo for now and use other explosives and an assault rifle to take out the enemies. Stay on the high ground and you can pick them off before they can get to you.

Once the second wave some heavies will appear so use your grenade launcher to take them out. Once they are down eliminate any other enemies and you will have beat the mission.

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