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Watch Dogs Legion Character Traits & Abilities Guide

Watch Dogs Legion Character Traits & Abilities Guide
Operatives have an array of skills and abilities. This Watch Dogs Legion Character Traits & Abilities Guide features a list of all the different abilities and traits we have encountered on the Operatives we’ve tracked down and looked at recruiting.

When you are inspecting characters around the city of London, a lot of aspects are randomized. Their name, history, career, abilities, it’s a mix and match of various systems working together. There are some special and unique characters you can recruit but for the most part, a lot of the character recruitment is random. As such, knowing what abilities will work well with your team is a great way of trying to recruit operatives that bring additional skills to your team. Below is a list of traits and abilities we have discovered so far.

Watch Dogs Legion Character Traits & Abilities Guide

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Trait NameAbility TypeTrait Description
P9 Semi-Auto PistolWeaponHas a P9 Pistol
NegevWeaponCarries an LMG
Shockwave StrikeMeleeStaggers Enemies
K.O PunchMeleeFaster knockouts
Tough DrunkMeleeTake less damage
GrapplerMeleeIncreases guard break damage
Tear GasWeaponDisorientates enemies
Kinetic ChargerMeleeMelee attacks charge gadgets
CrowbarMeleeCarries Crowbar melee weapon
Mouth GuardMeleeTake less melee damage
Rally CryAbilityCalls friends to fight
Statue PoseAbilityHide from pursuit
Loyalty CardAbilityClothing discount
Lead PipeMeleeCarries a Lead Pipe
WrenchMeleeCarries a Wrench
HammerMeleeCarries a Heavy Hammer
Kurahawa SpurVehicleHas a personal motorbike
FrailFlawsTake more damage
Paint BombWeaponDisorientates enemies
ShopaholicFlawRandomly buys clothes
Kurahawa TourerVehicleHas a personal motorbike
Crypto SkimmerAbilityHacks steal currency
Paintball GunWeaponCarries a Paintball Gun
Albion VendettaAbilityDeals extra damage to Albion
LTL Stun GunWeaponCarries an LTL Stun Gun
GL-06WeaponCarries a GL-06 Grenade Launcher
Prior Injury TimeFlawIncreased injury time
Light StepAbilityImproved Stealth
Strong CountersAbilityDamage increased after dodge
Uniformed AccessAbilityAccess to Construction Sites
Glass CannonAbilityTake and deal more damage
Clear The WayAbilityHack vehicles aside
FamousFlawNoticed in Public
Double Decker BusVehicleHas double decker bus as personal vehicle
SweepingAbilityHide from Pursuit
Anti-ChaseAbilityChase Drone immunity
Bail OutAbilityTeam arrest released
BatonMeleeCarries a Baton
Uniformed AccessAbilityAccess to Police Stations

We will be updating this list of traits, skills, and abilities as we progress through the game and meet more potential operatives to recruit.

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