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Watch Dogs: Legion Mask Unlock Location Guide

Watch Dogs Legion Mask Unlock Guide
Want to find the locations of Watch Dogs: Legion’s most impressive masks? This Watch Dogs: Legion Mask Unlock Location Guide lists all of the different masks we’ve discovered on our journey through the game so far, including pictures of each mask and details on how they are unlocked or where you can find them.

Masks play a vital role in Watch Dogs: Legion. Not only are they DedSecs primary calling card but it also hides your identity from the ever prying government and security forces in and around London. And of course, they also make you look like a bad ass – or a total idiot – depending on your personal choice of style and flair.

Where To Find Masks In Watch Dogs: Legion

Pig Mask
Gas Mask
Soldier Helmet
Red Face
Ubisoft Mask
Helm Of Sparta
Box Head
Skull Crown Mask
Purple Eyes Skull
Cat Eyes Mask
Knight Helmet
Box Head 2
White Gas Mask
Crown Skull Mask
Cloth Mask
Pig Mask 2
Skull Mask 2
Knight Helm 2
Pink Pig Mask
Goggle Gas Mask
Goggle Gas Mask 2
Yellow Painted Mask
Cloth Mask 2

We are updating this guide with more Watch Dogs: Legion Masks as we progress through the game. Check back soon for more Watch Dogs: Legion guides.

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