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Watch Dogs: Legion Recruitment Guide

Watch Dogs Legion Recruitment Guide
Recruiting new Operatives expands your teams skills and abilities. This Watch Dogs: Legion Recruitment Guide explains the basics of the character recruitment system in Watch Dogs: Legion as well as providing details on the different specialist characters you can recruit.

Firstly, it’s important to understand the random elements of the recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion. Bar a few exceptions, nearly all characters have at least one randomized aspect when recruiting. Sometimes the random aspects are subtle, for the more powerful recruits. This can be as basic as a different name or a different career path. Other times the random aspects can completely control a characters design and attributes. Characters can also have a ton of different traits and abilities.

Watch Dogs: Legion Recruitment Guide

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There’s a lot of recruitment options in Watch Dogs: Legion. You can recruit a lot of people just randomly walking around on the street, others are more unique and hidden in different parts of the game. When you highlight a person you can interact with them to bring up their stats and recruitment options. If you find a target you want to recruit, add it to your Recruits and then you can check out their details on the Team screen.

Most basic civilians then require a simple mission be completed in order to obtain access to their skills and abilities. You track these by going to the Missions tab and selecting the mission. The game will then guide you through the objectives before you recruit the character. However, the rare and more powerful characters require additional tasks be completed, such as unlocking the Deep Profiler Tech. Others are hidden behind special missions, locations, or other hidden objectives.

Make sure to check out our Watch Dogs: Legion Recruitment Character Location Guide for details on where to find the best recruits.

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