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Watch Dogs: How To Unlock Almost Everything By Mission 5

Watch Dogs: How To Unlock Almost Everything By Mission 5

Unlocking things in Watch Dogs is as simple as scanning civilians walking down the street. Sure some things can’t be unlocked until you progress further into the game but most things can be done very early. This guide will tell you how to unlock money, cars and songs quickly! Check it out.

Easy Unlocks

Watch Dogs Easy Unlocks Spot

If you head to this spot on the map you will notice a ton of NPCs walking around. You can go in a circle around the big building and easily hack songs, cars and cash from the NPCs. On an average run you can get 20k cash and two or three unlocks. The unlocks will cap out eventually because some cars and songs you have to get through missions.

Once the unlocks stop happening you will just increase the amount of cash you get per run. This is when you can stack up and buy any car you have unlocked. After you have done that you can go buy some weapons. The cool thing about Watch Dogs is all the guns are unlocked right from the start you just need to pay for them. Go in there and buy every single gun you can and every mission will be way easier. With all the cash you have you can also buy all outfits and pick the one you want.

While you are running the circle you will also have a chance to stop crimes when they happen. Just run up to the criminal and take them down, do not shoot them. Even if they are shooting at you while running just chase them down and take them down. The higher the meter the more likely you can get away with accidentally pulling weapons outs or stealing cars.

Better get on this quick before Ubisoft patches it up and cash is harder to get!

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