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Watch Dogs Weapons List: How To Unlock Special Weapons

Watch Dogs Weapons List

As much fun as hacking is in Watch Dogs sometimes you will have to get your hands dirty. The weapon selection is pretty solid and with enough cash you can purchase every gun almost immediately. Check out the full weapon list and figure out how you will be fighting enemy hackers!

If you want to get the cash for every gun within the first few hours of the game check out our quick cash guide! If you don’t want to buy guns you can find them on enemies as you play the main story.

Watch Dogs Assault Rifle

Assault Rifles

OCP-11 – Very basic assault rifle with decent accuracy and 40 rounds per clip.

416 – You will buy this during one of the early missions when you are introduced to the gun shop. Good accuracy unless you hold the trigger then it gets out of control.

Ak-47 – Of course the classic would make an appearance. Has pretty good recoil but the accuracy isn’t great if you hold down the trigger.

417 – Slightly better then the 416 but has a burst shot instead of full auto, only hold 20 rounds.

Goblin – Another burst rifle but extremely accurate.

ACR – The best assault rifle in the game combining power, accuracy and recoil reduction.

MP5 – A sub machine with good accuracy and recoil reduction at the cost of power.

Vector – Insanely accurate with a high rate of fire, only holds 20 rounds. Great weapon for close quarters.


P-9mm – Basic pistol and the one you start off with is better than this. I picked this up off an enemy very early.

Px4 – Stronger than the P-9 but only holds 10 rounds, very accurate.

SMG-11 – A one handed SMG that has terrible accuracy but can fire very quickly. If you are up close this is a good choice.

Spec Ops SMG-11 – Same as above but silence, still need to be close for it to be effective.

1911 – Strong pistol with good accuracy.

Spec Ops 1911 – Makes all other pistols obsolete in my opinion. With the silencers you can clear out whole areas of enemies without even being seen.

Mp-9MM – A burst fire SMG, decent accuracy but the burst is slow.

R-33 – The automatic pistol in Watch Dogs. Holds 30 bullets and is decently accurate for an automatic.

D50 – Basically a Deseret Eagle. Very loud and extremely strong but only holds 8 rounds.

R-2000 – Another one handed SMG that only holds 20 rounds. This gun will eat a clip very quickly.

M8-M – A 6 round revolver with insane strength and accuracy. Expect to give you position away if you use this.


Watch Guns Pistols

D12 – A one handed double barreled shotgun that only holds two rounds. As with all shotguns this is only useful up close.

SG-90 – Pump action shotgun that can clear multiple enemies at once.

M-104 – Semi auto shotgun that can fire as quickly as you can pull the trigger.

SGR-12 – Slightly better then the M-104 and holds more ammo, shoots quicker then the M-104.

ATSG-12 – The auto shotty of Watch Dogs. If you are close enough you will leave no one left standing.

Sniper Rifles

SVD – Basic sniper rifle with good enough power to kill most unarmored enemies in one shot.

SR-25 – About as strong as the SVD but shots a bit quicker.

AC-AR – A burst fire sniper rifle that holds 20 bullets. All three bullets will hit in the same general area.

M107 – The strongest sniper rifle in the game and it can pierce almost all armor. Outside of the heavy if you land a head shot this is one shot one kill.

Grenade Launchers

G-106 – Single shot grenade launcher that packs a huge punch. Place the grenades near enemies in cover to blow them up.

GL-94 – Pump action grenade launcher that holds 4 grenades. This gun is the best weapon to use on heavies.

Watch Dogs Sniper Rifles


Unlocked by completing certain missions.

Spec Ops Goblin – Completing 9 weapons trades missions will unlock this weapon. A silenced assault rifle that shoots in bursts. Good for range and accuracy.

Wildfire – Completing 6 missing persons cases will unlock this weapon. This weapon is a high powered and accurate assault rifle.

Gangster – A Tommy gun unlocked by doing 17 QR codes.

Chrome – You get this by doing stopping 20 crimes throughout the world. A high powered revolver.

Destroyer – You get this by stopping 10 criminal convoys throughout the city. This is the most powerful sniper rifle but it only holds 2 rounds.

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