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What Animals Can Live Together In Planet Zoo

What Animals Can Live Together In Planet Zoo
Having multiple species in one enclosure is a huge way to make money in the game but What Animals Can Live Together In Planet Zoo? There’s a host of different requirements for each individual animal, but some animals share nearly identical requirements and can live together easily.

Having more than one species in a single enclosure can increase an animals happiness, and in turn earn more money from donations. Each donation is done on a species by species basis, so the more species you have in a single enclosure, the more potential money you can make.

What Animals Can Live Together In Planet Zoo

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Select your animal to bring up the animal tab and then select the Zoopedia. From here there’s a wealth of options, you want to select the paw icon for “Interspecies Enrichment”. This brings up a chart showing you all of the different animals that can live harmoniously with your current animals.

That’s how to figure out what animals live together in Planet Zoo.

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