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What Are Agents For In GTA Online Bottom Dollar Bounties Update


The new update for GTA Online introduces a new business type. As with previous businesses in the game, there are optional upgrades to purchase. One such upgrade is the option of one or two Agents.

What Do Agents Do?

An image showing one of the jobs agents can do in the new update for GTA Online

Agents serve two unique purposes in the Bottom Dollar Bounties update. Their primary function is to reduce the amount of time it takes to process bounties.

When you complete a bounty mission, you bring the suspect back to the Bounty Office and place them in a holding cell. An Agent then does all the required paperwork to process the bounty.

Once the bounty has been processed, the target will disappear from the holding cell and go to jail. You then receive full payment for the bounty.

Important note: A bounty appears not to be processed if you simply sit in the office. You will need to exit after the appropriate amount of time has passed. It takes around 10 minutes with a single Agent, 5 minutes with two Agents.

The other purpose for Agents is to send them out on work. This does not stop bounty targets being processed. After some time, the Agent will complete assigned work and money will be placed in your safe at the back of the office.

How Many Agents Do You Need?

An image showing how to renovate the bounty agency to include more agents

It very much depends on your affinity to the Bottom Bounties Update. If you think this is an update you are going to focus on, as a money making method, you should pick up both Agents.

This will function in two ways. You can process your bounties quicker, thus earning more money, and you can send your Agents out to work to earn even more cash.

If you don’t have the money when you launch the business, you can Renovate it later. Simply head to the Maze Bank Foreclosures app and find your Bounty Office on the map. You can then select it, choose Renovate, and add any additional features you want.

Are Agents Worth The Money

Yes. They offer a passive income if you send them out on bail work, and they also drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to process a bounty.

If you want to at least see a return on your investment, it’s a good idea to maximize the profits for any of the businesses you purchase. Therefore, assuming you plan to enjoy the bounty content for some time, Agents are worth the investment.

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