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What Are Colored Shards For In Pokemon Legends Arceus

You find many Green, Red, and Blue Shards in Arceus, but what are they for? This guide on What Are Colored Shards For In Pokemon Legends Arceus will tell you the different purposes we have found in the game for the Red Shards, Blue Shards, and Green Shards that you can find throughout the Arceus experience.

Shards are sometimes given as rewards for defeating Alpha Pokemon but the primary location for finding Shards are the space time distortions that sometimes appear on maps. These unique locations turn the area into a dark spot of time where various powerful Pokemon appear and valuable items drop on the ground. This is the primary source of the colored shards as they are sometimes littered across the floor in these distortions.

What Are Colored Shards For In Pokemon Legends Arceus

What Are Colored Shards For In Pokemon Legends Arceus
If you read the Shards information box it states that it’s colored shard that appears to be a fragment of some sort of implement made long ago. The primary use for the colored shards is to make money. Do not sell them directly to the shop. They sell for about 150 a piece but that’s not the way you want to profit from these shards. Keep ahold of your Shards until you are closer to the end of the game.

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Eventually you will be able to unlock a recipe in the crafting shop called Star Piece. This recipe allows you to use 3x Red Shards, 3x Blue Shards, and 3x Green Shards, along with a bag of Stardust to create a Star Piece. In total that’s 1,350 worth of shards and 1,000 for the bag of Stardust bringing the total cost to make the Star Piece 2,350. A Star Piece sells for over double that at 5,000, so it’s worth saving your Shards until you get the recipe.

You will also want to save at least one of each Shard if you are completing Requests, so you can complete Request #70 – Colorful New Looks.

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