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What Are Fast Travel Boards For In Forza Horizon 5

Fast travel can be very expensive in Forza Horizon 5. This guide on What Are Fast Travel Boards For In Forza Horizon 5 will explain the fast travel board mechanic as some players may expect it to unlock new fast travel locations, but unfortunately that’s not what they do.

At the beginning of the game you can fast travel to player houses and Horizon Festival events. It costs around 10,000 Credits each time you fast travel when you start. At the beginning of the game, this isn’t too expensive because you won’t use it very often. However, once you have unlocked the ability to fast travel to anywhere on the map, you can find yourself using the fast travel mechanic to get to each and every race.

What Are Fast Travel Boards For In Forza Horizon 5

That’s where Fast Travel boards come into play. They do not allow you to use them as a fast travel point, instead they reduce the cost of fast travel. Each board you find reduces the cost so if you like to fast travel a lot, which you will in the latter stages of the game, it’s a good idea to make sure you break any of the fast travel boards you come across. Money does come quite easy in the game as you progress but throwing 10k at each race, before you even start, can definitely start to be expensive if you want to purchase houses and more vehicles.

  • Fast travel boards are marked by a purple icon with a lightning symbol on it, on the map
  • Fast travel boards cannot be used as fast travel points
  • Each fast travel board you smash will reduce the cost of fast travel
  • It’s especially effective when you have the ability to fast travel anywhere on the map
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