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What Are The Ominous Black Stakes For In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

As you explore Paldea you may find these strange, colored stakes. This guide answers the question What Are The Ominous Black Stakes For In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet as you can find them relatively early in your adventure, catching a glimpse of a strange object glowing just out of reach.

During the early hours of your playtime in Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet, it’s very likely you’ll encounter a large colored door. There are several of these doors in the game. A blue one, a yellow one, a purple one, and a green one. Each corresponds to the stakes that you’ve seen glowing around the world.

What Are The Ominous Black Stakes For In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Each of these doors, which can be revealed on your map by completing your studies at school and buddying up with the teachers, corresponds to the colored stakes. There are 4 chains on each of the doors and you need to find two stakes to destroy one of the chains. Thus, you need to find 8 yellow stakes, 8 blue stakes, 8 green stakes, and 8 purple stakes. Once you have found 8 of any of the same colored stakes, it will destroy the shackles and allow you to enter that color door.

This is end-game stuff so don’t worry about it until a higher level.

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